At the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Pegasus Spiele is releasing a new title in Rüdiger Dorn's award-winning Istanbul series: Istanbul – Choose & Write. After the connoisseur game, two expansions and the independent dice game, players in the new family game can now visit the bazaar of Istanbul again, but thanks to the special choose & write mechanism, they can experience it in a completely new way.

Since 2014, the Istanbul game principle has been captivating the gaming community and international juries: As merchants, the players in Istanbul, which was voted Connoisseur Game of the Year in 2014, compete to get hold of goods and lira in order to be able to exchange them for valuable and winning rubies . In 2017 the family game Istanbul – The Dice Game was released and one year later it was awarded the Austrian Games Prize by the Vienna Games Academy. In 2023, in the 30th anniversary year of Pegasus Games, the next independent part of the popular game series will be released - the family game Istanbul - Choose & Write.

For merchants from the age of eight

Up to five players from the age of eight slip into the roles of shrewd merchants. Through visits to various places, it is again her goal in Istanbul – Choose & Write to collect rubies. To do this, they choose (choose) a location card in each round and may carry out the action of the corresponding location or that of an orthogonally adjacent location. Goods and lira they receive mark (write) them on their own bazaar board.

Later they can exchange them for rubies. However, when choosing a location card, the other merchants may also carry out an action. However, you must cross out one of the location's action spaces. When all action spaces have been used up without unlocking further bonus actions, you can only visit a location if you play it yourself; but there are only two copies of each location card. In order to prevent the others at the table from benefiting from their own action, the players can choose a guild card as an alternative to the location card, but this costs valuable lira.

Istanbul – Choose & Write picks up on the basic elements of the Istanbul gameplay, but thanks to the special gameplay modifies them into a completely new gaming experience that is equally exciting for fans of the series as well as for fans of fast-playing family games with tactical elements. For the first time, solo players can also visit the Istanbul Bazaar and face a total of 14 challenges of varying difficulty. Istanbul – Choose & Write is now available at a suggested retail price of €24,99.

If you want to explore the bazaar even further, you should also take a look at the other two titles in the series: In the first title, Istanbul, the players wander over a bazaar plan that can be built up in modules. Hard-working assistants, who can drop you off at the locations, support you in your business. In order to find the most effective way, the players have to plan well ahead. Since 2018, with the Istanbul Big Box, players have received the complete package consisting of the basic game and both expansions of the connoisseur game at a recommended retail price of €49,99. In Istanbul – The Dice Game, on the other hand, the players must cleverly use the dice thrown in each round in order to collect goods, lira and finally rubies. The family game offers a flat introduction to the world of Istanbul, but at the same time also room for tactical decisions. Just like the latest installment in the series, Istanbul - The Dice Game is also available at an MSRP of €24,99.

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