Every year the publisher Pegasus Games expands its range with many new products. Often even several new board games appear in one month.

Some Pegasus game innovations may not be immediately apparent to fans. In any case, there were quite a few at this year's games fair in Essen, for almost all target groups. A real hye title was there Spaceship Unity by Jens Merkl and Ulrich Blum in the Pegasus Blog, the makers even gave a glimpse behind the scenes of the development: In 2015, the duo started the development, which finally led to the publication of the unusual board game. 

New Board Games: From Time Travel to Ice Age

In addition, however, many other board games have come onto the market, and by no means all of them have received a similar appreciation. The latest innovations from Pegasus Games include the no less unusual time travel adventure Chrono Cops, to which so far the two editions ChronoCops - Einstein's Relativity Crisis and ChronoCops - Da Vinci's Universal Dilemma.

The material battle was much more present, at least for die-hard board game fans Black Rose Wars, an expert game in which players compete as magicians for dominance of the Black Rose Magic Academy. In the title by Marco Montanaro, the players have four different Magi at their disposal. These start in their respective chambers and then advance into the various rooms of the magic academy, each of which has different abilities. Each game round consists of six phases.

The heart of each round is the action phase, but in order to be able to cast the right spells, the players have to think carefully in the preparation phase which spells they want to play later and – with the exception of one instant spell – also in which order they want to do this. The game ends when either a Magi or the Black Rose itself reaches or exceeds 30 power points.

Also so far successful series the publisher has added new titles to Pegasus games, such as Sagrada or the Deadly Dinner series. For Boss Monster, on the other hand, a big box was released that includes all the relevant content of the board game, which is based on retro video games. 

As if that weren't enough, Pegasus Spiele uses the titles of the publishing partners: Endless Winter, a board game for connoisseurs, was published by Frosted Games, which was played in North America in the early days of human settlement, around 10.000 years before our era - and thus towards the end of the last great ice age game. The title is not without controversy among fans. Some like the title, others not so much. Endless Winter is one of the prime examples of board games where personal taste is particularly important. 

All October news from Pegasus Games:

The publisher Pegasus Spiele brings new board games onto the market at regular intervals, the titles are usually divided into one of four categories: fun games, family games, connoisseur games or expert games. The publisher also has children's games and role-playing books in its portfolio. New releases are usually concentrated around the two central trade fairs in spring (toy fairs) and autumn (SPIEL). 

For Pegasus Games, the autumn novelties mean one thing in particular: they are the current titles with which the publisher is going into the Christmas business. 


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