The German publisher Daedalic Entertainment has set itself the task of offering games that offer either a strong story, exciting co-op fun or strategic-tactical gameplay. Four new titles will be released for PC on March 13th, all meeting at least one of these criteria, offering players a smorgasbord of unique experiences.

Rough Justice `84 is an eclectic mix of strategy, neon noir crime thriller and detective game with mechanics inspired by old board games. The story takes place in a hotbed of crime and violence in the 1980s, where players manage a burgeoning security agency full of unique agents. The game features a variety of cases and challenges, from protection orders to confiscations to catching fugitives. As you clean the streets of Seneca City of scum, you begin to realize that something far more sinister is going on in the background...

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WWE 2K23 Deluxe - USK & PEGI [Playstation 5] WWE 2K23 Deluxe - USK & PEGI [Playstation 5] * Currently no reviews 64,60 EURAmazon Prime

Life of Delta is a narrative adventure with challenging puzzles and captivating characters. Since Daedalic started out as a developer of point-and-click adventures, it only makes sense to continue that legacy by releasing this cute and complex modern take on a popular genre. Players take on the role of a small service robot in post-apocalyptic Japan who is looking for his friend. The game features beautifully hand-drawn environments brought to life with moody music and tricky puzzles. In addition to the PC release, the game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch.

In Potion Tycoon, players strive to build the most successful potion shop in town. They start with just a few recipes and machines and grow the business by expanding their repertoire, building new equipment, hiring and training new employees, improving their branding and much more. Polishing up exhibition spaces, collaborating with brand ambassadors, getting production lines going and enjoying the results - it all makes for a bustling potion brewery full of cute and eccentric, energetic employees and customers. Potion Tycoon will be available on Steam Early Access.

As Potion Tycoon enters Early Access, after more than three years and more than 2,5 million players, Barotrauma is finally getting its full 1.0 update. Complex, spooky yet hilarious sci-fi multiplayer submarine sim has been greatly expanded and improved with the help of the dedicated community and will continue to be updated even after the 1.0 launch.

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