Razer today announced Restorify, a climate-neutral online shop system that will also be used in its own store. Customers can use it to offset their purchases with a CO2 credit at the checkout. External companies can also integrate and use Restorify on their websites.

Restorify CO2 certificate

Image: Razer, 2022

One of the world's leading computer hardware developers Razer announced in a press release the e-commerce service Restorify, developed by Razer Fintech. Restorify is a kind of CO2-neutral shop checkout system that was launched on Razer.com to coincide with the 27th UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The shop system enables customers to offset their online purchases with a CO2 certificate and thus offset the greenhouse gas emissions that have arisen. All carbon credits used are traceable, so buyers know what their money is being used for. In addition, Restorify should help other companies to determine their own CO2 footprint of their products. Razer will work with partners in its supply chain, as well as an additional 50.000 retailers. Amazon Web Services will also support Razer to make Restorify available to more than 100.000 partners from 150 countries.

“Our life cycle approach enables us to develop measures that drive emission reductions. However, carbon credits will still play a role in the transition to net zero,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO. “On our journey to net zero, we realized that there are growth issues and that not all carbon credits are created equal. With Restorify, we hope our novel approach to carbon credits will encourage greater accountability and transparency in carbon offsetting.”

“Restorify's transparent carbon neutral shopping cart allows consumers to see a product's carbon footprint so they can make informed decisions. Additionally, during the checkout process, they will also be able to offset the products they purchase with carbon credits originating from already verified carbon registers." “Razer has begun to curate a diverse portfolio of carbon credit projects that work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, Razer works closely with partners such as GoNetZero, the leading provider of energy and city solutions, as well as ESGpedia, which takes care of the transparent end-to-end data of high-quality carbon credits from registration to decommissioning, and the cloud computing platform from Amazon Web Services (AWS).”

“With a commitment to power all AWS regions worldwide with 2025 percent renewable energy by 100, AWS is committed to being the world's most sustainable cloud. This, combined with the differentiating breadth and depth of AWS data services, makes AWS an ideal partner for Razer as they begin this exciting new chapter. The collaboration provides Razer with both development and go-to-market support for Restorify, an innovative carbon tracking solution that will bring long-term benefits to Razer's business, customers and the environment,” said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN, Amazon Web Services.