Private Division and Intercept Games are proud to announce that Kerbal Space Program 2 is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam, the Epic Game Store and other digital retailers for the introductory price of $49,99.

The sequel to the legendary rocket-building sim that has sold more than five million copies worldwide, Kerbal Space Program 2 introduces the next generation of space adventures and allows gamers to build their own space program. Players can look forward to hundreds of new and improved parts, a streamlined tutorial, modern graphics, vivid and realistic environments with unprecedented levels of detail, customizable color schemes for their spacecraft, and more.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was designed from the ground up to be expanded over the years to come.

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Kerbal Space Program 2 offers endless possibilities for vehicle construction. The sequel features more than 350 new and improved parts, including procedural wings, new command modules, engines, wheels, cargo parts, and the first of a variety of advanced fuel types: liquid hydrogen. The game also features a new category of part sizes, paving the way for future Interstellar-class parts as the game expands with new content. Gamers can also use the new part coloring tool to make their builds totally unique.

The basics of rocket science

"We are extremely excited to release Kerbal Space Program 2 into Early Access," said Nate Simpson, creative director at Intercept Games. “We've created a game of unprecedented technical complexity and can't wait to see the creative output of our community. We're really looking forward to hearing direct feedback from game fans as we engage them in the development process as we enter Early Access."

The highly anticipated sequel welcomes a new generation of space explorers with interactive, animated tutorials that introduce game fans to the basics of rocket science in an immersive and fun way. Players can look forward to many other improvements, including a completely overhauled user interface, easier-to-use vehicle building tools, and new icons in the map view that display trajectory data with unprecedented clarity.

Time Acceleration now allows players to speed up time even when a spacecraft is accelerating, making long acceleration interplanetary flights that much more enjoyable. Time acceleration controls now allow interactions with vehicle systems even when time is stopped, giving players more flexibility in giving orders - these last-second adjustments can be life-saving when a landing inevitably goes awry!

In addition, Kerbal Space Program 2 now offers a greatly improved graphics and sound experience. All of the popular celestial bodies from the original have been recreated with an all-new terrain system that allows for unprecedented detail and variety - the Kerbol system now offers a variety of new interesting locations to explore. The sound completes the game fans' immersion, so the rocket sound effects were recorded directly from real launches, and the music changes dynamically according to the current flight situation.

"We laid a foundation with Kerbal Space Program 2 that we plan to build on for years to come," said Michael Cook, franchise director of Kerbal Space Program 2 at Private Division. “Early Access is just the beginning of the journey. We will be releasing several major feature updates that will eventually lead to the release of version 1.0.

After the start of the Early Access phase of Kerbal Space Program 2 Intercept Games will implement several innovative features in the coming months. Upcoming highlights include:

  • Next generation technology: Players unlock pioneering technologies that allow them to build larger projects and use new fuels and propulsion systems. These opportunities will allow them to travel beyond the limits of the original Kerbol system and reach new, uncharted star systems.
  • colonies: This function of the successor was often at the top of the wish list of the players. These are thus able to find and mine valuable resources in order to use these materials to build their own bases on distant celestial bodies or directly in deep space. Colonies not only present their own physical challenges in the course of their construction, but are also a necessary step toward exploring space and beyond.
  • Interstellar Travel: KSP2 will offer new challenges to players in the form of interstellar travel. The aim is to conquer the vastness of interstellar space aboard gigantic fusion-powered ships that can reach incredible speeds. Upon arriving in new star systems, gamers can then launch land vehicles and rovers to discover and explore planets.
  • Multiplayer: Game fans can work together with friends or compete against each other to explore space together and reach historical milestones in their own space race. The multiplayer mode offers endless possibilities for adventurers, collectors and "unexpected" vehicle collisions.
  • Modding: Kerbal fans are happy to share the massive amount of mods available for the original game, and Intercept Games plans to make the sequel even more mod-friendly with additional features that support the modding community.
  • And more: There will be plenty of general improvements, bug fixes, features and more throughout the Early Access period, so players can look forward to plenty of updates.

Today, Private Division and Intercept Games also announced an official Kerbal Space Program 2 partnership with Logitech G, an innovative developer of gaming technologies and gear. Gamers can use the peripherals of Logitech G experience an even deeper immersion in space flight and experience lighting effects that adapt to the phases of rocket launches.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam, the Epic Game Store and other digital retailers for an introductory price of $49,99. The versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are currently scheduled to appear after the early access phase of the PC version.

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