Publisher The Arcade Crew and development team Ishtar Games today announced that tactical roguelite role-playing game The Last Spell will be released on March 9th for Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles - the final battle for humanity's survival nighs.

The new trailer gives a glimpse of the unpredictable thrill of The Last Spell's combat, showcasing a variety of options available to players as they face off against the onslaught of seemingly endless hordes.

Unlockable upgrades, omens that grant benefits, and varying difficulty levels allow you to hone your strategies and fine-tune your experience. In the trailer, you'll learn more about the brutal battles your randomly assembled squad will face and learn the game's most important lesson: as long as you don't give up, defeat is never the end.

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Stellaris Console Edition (Playstation 4) Stellaris Console Edition (Playstation 4) * Currently no reviews 15,17 EURAmazon Prime

The Last Spell combines turn-based combat, procedurally generated enemy attacks - reminiscent of Musou titles with their massive enemy numbers - and roguelite elements to create a unique, highly replayable experience. Defending the Haven teaches you how to overcome any impasse and use strategy and skill to confront the brute force of the hordes of monsters.

The whole thing is accompanied by a driving progressive metal soundtrack that fuels the fighting spirit. Surviving the brutal (but always fair) onslaught of The Last Spell works like a miracle - but with shrewd players, humanity's last resort can survive.

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