For eight days, everyone who is interested in pen & paper role-playing games is invited to get a taste of the hobby at the free role-playing days. From March 150th to 18th, physical and digital events or introductory rounds will take place at around 25 venues, in which interested parties can participate free of charge and without prior knowledge.

There are also goodies and the popular almanac again this year. In time for the Free Roleplaying Days, the next roleplaying games for Cthulhu and Shadowrun will also appear at Pegasus Spiele.

After the free role-playing day took place exclusively digitally as part of the Pegasus Games Online Convention CONspiracy in the last two years due to the corona, it is returning physically this year and will become the free role-playing days (GRT). For eight days, anyone who has always wanted to get a taste of the world of role-playing games can take part in one of the numerous events. No previous knowledge is necessary, because experienced game leaders lead the introductory rounds, introduce the participants to the rules and answer all questions about pen & paper. The participants only have to bring along the desire to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and experience an adventurous story as a fictional character that they can help shape.

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This year, events will not only take place at game clubs, libraries, game shops, game cafés, youth clubs and many other local facilities, but also digitally. A list of all locations and providers can be found on the Free Role Playing Days event page. The venues are supported by several publishers who offer free goodies such as quick start rules, introductory adventures and much more. make available to take away. In addition, a new 156-page almanac is available from all participating specialty stores.

Pegasus Spiele is also supporting the Free Roleplaying Days 2023 again with materials, as a logistics partner with the dispatch of the GRT packages, the almanac (editing and printing), its own GRT game rounds and the publication of new roleplaying games. Already available are two new releases for dystopian cyberpunk role-playing game Shadowrun, the Parallel Reality campaign book and Gaps in the Code sourcebook, as well as a new solo adventure for horror role-playing game Cthulhu, Alone Against the Tide.

The Cthulhu starter box will also appear as part of the free roleplay days, making it even easier to enter the horror world. The box contains the solo adventure Alone Against the Flames, introductory rules and three adventures, as well as ready-to-play investigators, blank character sheets, screen with quick rules for game masters, role-playing dice and handouts for an even more atmospheric gameplay experience. All in all, many hours of fantastic adventures await the players with the starter box. If you want to get a taste of Cthulhu first without obligation, you can also order the Cthulhu adventure set to be sent to your home free of charge. It is intended for anyone who wants to lead a play group with no role-playing experience through a short introductory adventure to get them excited about the hobby.

As a special highlight, on March 24 from 20 p.m. on the Pegasus Games Discord server, “Ask the Editors” will take place for the first time. Then Finja Gertulla (Pegasus Games, Cthulhu editorial team), Stefan Franck (Cthulhu editorial team) and Jan Christoph Steines (Head of the book editorial team at Pegasus Games) will answer questions about Cthulhu and Pegasus Games. Anyone who would like to get an idea of ​​the horror role-playing game in advance can also visit the newly launched website and immerse themselves in the Cthulhu Mythos.

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