Brazil is the official partner country of Gamescom 2023, the world's largest games event and Europe's leading business platform for the games industry. The organizers of Gamescom, Koelnmesse and game - Association of the German Games Industry, as well as Abragames (Association of Brazilian Game Developers Companies) have signed a corresponding partnership agreement.

Brazil takes on the role of official partner country, showing that the country is open to international investors and partners. The Brazilian games industry, considered the most important in Latin America, attracts foreign companies, who are drawn to the potential of local studios and the quality of the products they develop. The Brazilian games industry itself has experienced strong growth in recent years. The estimated digital gaming revenue in Brazil was over US$2021 billion in 2,3 and it is estimated that almost 75% of the population plays games regularly. According to the study, there are more than 1.000 game development studios in Brazil, an increase of 169% over the past four years - up from 2018 in 375.

Gamescom partner country: A historic moment for Brazil

Rodrigo Terra, CEO of Abragames: “This is a historic moment for Brazil. In recent years, the Brazilian games industry has achieved tremendous success and Gamescom celebrates the achievements of Brazilian studios and developers. Abragames is very happy to be part of it and to be able to experience this positive development here up close.”

Jorge Viana, CEO of ApexBrasil: “We at ApexBrasil are partners of Abragames and have strong convictions in the Brazilian games industry. With 1.009 development studios in our country, it is in an important phase. With the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, we can strengthen this sector. We will continue to take public support measures and try to promote the development of the games industry in Brazil. We have many talents and need to create an appropriate ecosystem to maximize benefit. After all, we are talking about a huge industry with more than 3 billion players worldwide and enormous potential.”

Felix Falk, Managing Director of the Association of the German Games Industry eV: “We are very pleased to have Brazil as a partner country at Gamescom 2023 and thus the first partner country from South America. This shows once again how important Gamescom is for the international games industry and connects countries and continents through gaming. The Brazilian games industry has grown rapidly and is very well connected internationally. Brazil and South America contribute to a dynamic and diverse games scene, which we will celebrate together at Gamescom in August.”

Gerald Böse, CEO of Koelnmesse: “Gamescom is the leading international event for the entire gaming community. Partnering with different countries at Gamescom each year and showcasing their vibrant gaming scene has been and continues to be an important part of our effort to bring this global and highly dynamic industry together. We are delighted to have Brazil, the most important gaming market, by our side in 2023.”

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