Author Jamey Stegmaier and world builder Jakub Rozalski are collaborating again to take the board game Scythe to the next round. With Scythe: Expeditions, the publisher Stonemaier Games has now announced a sequel to the original. 

The sequel to the enormously successful board game sends players on new adventures in icy Siberia. A meteorite has landed near the Tunguska River - and now it has mysterious consequences. An expedition led by Dr. Tarkovsky goes on a search and also wants to find out more about the effects. At this point, the actions of the players in the new exploration game begin. 

Competition and solo mode

Scythe Expedition is aimed at up to five players, but can also be played in a solo mode via Automa. The idea of ​​this competitive board game: It's about building "engines", i.e. a chain of bonuses that can ultimately bring a particularly large number of points. The exploration part is controlled by maps.

According to Stonemaier Games, Scythe Expedition should have a real "Scythe feeling", although the novelty will rely on completely different mechanisms. The focus is on the game of power, deceit and the improvement of one's own pool of workers. In addition, players can upgrade their mech. Five of the Robo miniatures are included - each of them is around 50 millimeters in size. There is also additional game material, including over 100 illustrated cards. Players choose between a standard version of the game, which features plastic mechs, or the Ironclad Edition, which features metal robot figures. 

Jamey Stegmaier worked on, tested and pre-produced Scythe Expedition for around three years. You can even pre-order the sequel to Scythe. First gamers can get their hands on the title at Gen Con, followed by a retail release in August.

Will there be a German version? That's pretty likely. According to Stonemaier Games, they are working with seven localization partners, including Matagot and Ghenos Games. All partners may disclose information about a localized version at their own discretion. The predecessors were all published in German via Tierra del Fuego games. The price in US dollars is regular 85 or 115 US dollars, depending on the version.

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