SEASON: A letter to the future will be released on January 31st and developer Scavengers Studio has created a visually stunning story trailer that offers a deeper look into the emotional and deep world and story of the game.

The trailer introduces some of the characters that players will meet throughout their journey - all of whom are about to undergo profound changes. Players support them in these moments, trying to understand the mysterious changing of the seasons.

An indie game about encounters

The highly-anticipated, atmospheric adventure will be available digitally on January 31st on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for €29,99 and Steam and Epic Games Store for €24,99. PlayStation Plus members can pre-order the game with a 10% discount; Players on Steam and Epic get a 31% discount between January 7st and February 10th.

“This project would not exist without the absolutely wonderful members of our team who put their hearts into the game. We are deeply grateful to them and excited for players to experience stories and memories from the passing world of Season. Now is the time to rest and check in at home.” – Margherita Siconnino, Head Producer, and Kevin Sullivan, Creative Director

In SEASON: A letter to the future, players experience the story of young woman Estelle from a lonely village, who explores the world for the first time on a bicycle and collects memories before a catastrophe washes everything away. SEASON is the discovery of a world that is new and yet feels familiar. Estelle documents, photographs and collects while it is still possible.

In addition to the story trailer, the studio introduces a few key characters that players will encounter throughout their journey:

Young Kochi takes Estelle on a bike ride through a valley the day before it floods.

Maytora, artist and outsider, documents the valley's history in her statues. Estelle is the only one who sees her latest creation.

Easel is the last monk of Tieng Valley. Left behind by teachers and friends, he awaits the change of season alone. Before he meets Estelle, he has nothing to pray for.

Players support the characters during their silent crises. For them, the changes that are about to happen to the world are not abstract theory, but of direct importance. They're trying to find a way through, to survive, to find a life. Estelle helps them with that. She remembers them.

The gameplay in SEASON: A letter to the future revolves around exploration, documentation, meeting other people and learning to understand the strange world. Players can hop off their bikes and unpack their recording devices at any time. Each device captures different elements: sounds and music, art and architecture, the voices of old people, religious customs that are about to disappear, the traces of seasons long past... These tools help to examine the world more closely, ultimately allowing Estelle to understand the culture, history, and ecology that underlies it all.


● A road trip by bike: ride through wonderful landscapes and live in the moment. Depending on how long you stay in one place, the journey takes between six and twelve hours. You should stay. It's a game about staying.
● A Powerful Story: Discover a world that is both new and familiar at the same time. Think and make decisions that could affect the ending of the story. Select and preserve the most important moments of the current season to cherish for future generations.
● Document, photograph and record: Collect memories, record and uncover the mysteries of the world of SEASON with a customizable journal.
● Emotionally Complex Characters: Meet unique characters who want to share two precious things with you: their story and a shared moment at the end of the season.
● Immersive Soundtrack: Enjoy the great soundtrack throughout your journey - the music is part of the landscape, it drifts and changes with you.

PlayStation 5 Features:
● Adaptive Triggers: Use the shoulder buttons to move your bike, the resistance depends on your speed and the gradient of the road.
● Haptic Feedback: The DualSense controller's haptic feedback reflects the different ground structures you drive over.
● Tempest 3D AudioTech: Experience the rich soundscape of the game world and make precise recordings.
● Faster loading times: Leave your home without delay – Almost instant loading thanks to SSD will have you on your road trip in no time at all.

SEASON: A letter to the future will be available digitally on January 31st on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for €29,99 and Steam and Epic Games Store for €24,99. The game can now be pre-ordered and added to the wishlist.

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