Good news for all game fans who are from somewhere in an in-between world 
Live video games and board games: the tactical game Shadow Tactics - Blades of the Shogun is very likely to be successful as a board game
adapted. At least that's what the current Kickstarter campaign suggests 
Antler Games. Shadow Tactics will appear as a board game in December 2019.

As good as the template: Or better?

Already the video game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (click here for our Game test) has presented itself as an extremely entertaining tactics game. In the best "Commandos" manner, players sneak through atmospherically designed game sections with a team of battle-hardened ninja.

The rather leisurely course of the game is basically perfect for being implemented as a good quality tactical board game. Why no game editor has come up with this idea so far is a mystery - but now the time has finally come. The Kickstarter campaign for the adaptation is already running: and extremely successfully. At this point in time, 436 "backers" have already invested around 34.000 euros; with a targeted financing target of 40.000 euros. With a remaining term of 27 days, the campaign from Antler Games, who were also responsible for the board games Critters Below and Saltlands, is considered to be securely financed.

The strategic video game Shadow Tactics by Daedalic is to be implemented as a board game. Image: Antler Games

The minimum stake for supporters is 59 euros. There is then a game box from the board game for Shadow Tactics as well as the first batch of "Stretch Goals". Antler Games has currently set the last target at 100.000 euros; It remains to be seen whether this will be sufficient in the end or whether it needs to be improved. By the way: If you add five euros to your pledge, you will receive the video game Shadow Tactics: Blades of The Shogun from 2016. A good course for an extremely good tactics game.

The board game for Shadow Tactics is based on an asymmetrical concept.

The board game for Shadow Tactics focuses on an asymmetrical game principle. Two to six players fight for victory in a mix of cooperative and competitive elements. While most of the players slip in the footsteps of ninja, one of the players, the so-called daimyo, embodies the opponent. The daimyo controls the crowd of guards on the game board. Each faction has to try to foresee the actions of the other side: at the core, it is about tactical game actions that are secretly selected by the players - and then either turn out to be successful or not.

The skirmishes are embedded in a story. Similar to the video game, the board players progress in stages, complete missions and even improve their characters.

The Kickstarter-Campaign for Shadow Tactics - The Board Game runs until Thursday, February 14, 2019. The release is planned for December 2019.

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