Sifu will get Arena Mode for free on March 28th and Sloclap has released a video detailing what to expect in the new Arenas. The game will also be released on the same day for Xbox and Steam. Pre-orders for the Xbox version of Sifu are available now at a price of 39.99 euros.

The Arena expansion adds up to 9 additional hours of play with 45 new locations and 5 tough challenges in 10 game modes. Kung Fu masters can push their limits against waves of enemies in Survival mode, or hone their skills to perfection in Performance mode. In the "Time Attack" mode, players fight against time, and those looking for a special twist can try the Capture mode - in which a certain area has to be captured and held - and the Manhunt mode - in which a well-guarded area has to be captured Target must be done - prove.

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Battlefield 2042 PS5 Battlefield 2042 PS5 * Currently no reviews 24,71 EUR

No matter which mode you choose, you'll brawl your way through a diverse, beautiful scenery - from a sea of ​​colors to grey, rainy alleys.

Sifu is a beat 'em up revenge story in which you take on the role of a Pak Mei Kung Fu student and, after the death of your master, embark on an epic journey to avenge his death. Years of training have honed you into a fighting machine, and now the time has come for those who killed your master to be cut down at your fists - as well as the many followers who stand between you and your goals. However, vengeance comes at a price: through the power of a magical talisman, your character rises again after defeat, but ages significantly with each revival. How many years are you willing to sacrifice for revenge?

Released in February 2022 for PlayStation consoles and PC, Sifu earned a place among the best fighting and action games of the year and took the press and fans by storm, selling over a million copies in just three weeks. Sloclap has continued to expand the game since then, adding difficulty modes, various gameplay modifications, new outfits and much more through updates. The new versions of Sifu will have all previously released content.

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