There are currently seven crowdfunding projects running in the game company. The lucky number seems to have an influence on the projects, because almost all of them have easily reached their goal or are about to. Only with one project could it get tight to achieve the goal. A new title from a small Finnish publisher has been launched this week, which already had a successful project in the game company just a few weeks ago.

Of the projects that have been running for a long time, three have already reached their goal and three projects are still missing one or the other "smith". Dog Park, Mortum: The Sanctuary and Hens are the projects that are already well ahead of their goals. Dog Park runs for 6 more days. The other two are each available for support for another 20 days. Vengeance: Roll & Fight has 5 days to go and is 94/XNUMX of its way through. Interested parties have one more day to support Small City Deluxe, which is currently XNUMX percent supported.

The project for the German localization of Nightmare Cathedral is available for financing for one more day. According to the current status, the target has been achieved by 38 percent. A new addition is a project by the Finnish indie publisher Dragon Dawn Productions, which is already 117% fulfilled. A few weeks ago, they had a successful project with the game company White Hat.

Factory 42 – For the Common Good Edition

Factory 42 takes place in the fictional world of Zanziar. The players take on the role of overseers in a dwarf factory. The task is to organize the workers and commissaries to handle the bureaucracy and ensure that production targets are met to meet the needs and wants of the government. Each factory line has its own quota to meet. For the supervisors, questionable transactions, fierce price wars and opaque agreements are the most important trading tools.

The game for 2-5 players, ages 12 and up, is a challenging Eurogame that combines elements of worker placement, resource management and negotiations. It's a competitive game that includes some cooperative elements. The playing time is given as 90 minutes. The For the Common Good Edition comes with all of the content from the first edition. Also included are icon improvements and brighter colors, as well as all stretch goals. There is also a deluxe wooden start player marker in the game smithy.

The overall process control performed in the game over the course of a work week is broken down into seven sections. First, the government work orders and requirements are received. The players then receive some of the required resources from the bureaucracy tower. These raw materials are then loaded onto railcars and stocked up. These railcars, in turn, can then be relocated to the docks of the various production facilities. The resources that are left over can then be burned to generate steam. Before the steam and raw materials can be used to produce the requested items in the last step, there is still the possibility to trade raw materials on the open market.

The "Pimp my Ride - Set" consisting of 6 high-quality resin cars and the Pro-Ukraine promo deck are also optionally available. All proceeds from the 9-piece card set go to the Finnish Red Cross. Three event cards, three trade cards and an overview card from the English-language campaign have already been added and the resource tableau is now double-layered. When certain financing amounts are reached, the Black Market mini-expansion, a dice tray and improved material can be unlocked through thicker dies.

Interested can support the board game Factory 42 for one more week.

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