Giant Roc would like to publish a second campaign booklet for Senjutsu - Battle for Japan.

As with the Path of Ronin solo campaign included in the base game, the new campaign, which has the title Winds of Change in English, comes in the style of a graphic novel. The story is told with the help of Raben White's illustrations. The individual scenarios each specify a new structure or a new goal that has to be achieved in the game.

Senjutsu - Battle for Japan is a tactical miniatures game in which up to four people take on the role of different samurai warriors in feudal Japan and compete in card-based duels.

In addition to the new campaign booklet, you can also secure the base game and various expansions with additional characters in the current Spieleschmiede campaign. A miniature painting set can also be created in the project, the runs until March 22nd, optionally add.

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