The Alpha 3.6.0 is in the starting blocks and is currently being put through its paces by a small group of testers - the Evocati - before it is gradually made available to a broader mass of backers over the next few days and weeks.

Cloud Imperium Games set the release date for version 3.6.0 to the third quarter two months ago - the developers are sticking to their schedule. In addition to new spaceship models, the content also includes changes and innovations in the gameplay mechanics. It remains to be seen whether more features will be added to the game. The developers do not reveal all changes in advance - despite the transparent development including the roadmap that can be viewed at any time.

New spaceships and locations

Especially in the area of ​​spaceships and locations, players will find numerous new features in the Star Citizen universe after updating to alpha patch 3.6.0.

  • P-72 Archimedes: A small single-seat fighter that has neither a quantum jump drive nor a cargo hold. The specialty: you can dock the P-72 to a Constellation, from where you can get on during the flight and also undock again - the mechanics for this have not yet been implemented.
  • Vanguard Warden: The design of this hunter has been completely revised by Cloud Imperium Games and is now based much more on the artwork that was published at the time.
  • Space stations: There will be a wider range of space stations. These are procedurally generated and then revised again by the developers so that the various arrangements in the game are not repeated too often.
  • Junkyard: Here - at least for the time being - stolen ships and vehicles can be sold. It remains to be seen whether this will also apply to the further development of Start Citizen.

It remains to be seen whether more ships will be seen. In the past, Cloud Imperium Games occasionally surprised its backers with content that was not announced in advance. The junkyard as a location was also not listed on the original roadmap.

New features of Star Citizen version 3.6.0

As soon as the "Evocati" have completed their bug search and the new version is ready for publication, other features will find their way into the game in addition to spaceships and locations.

  • Law system: Those who like to play the criminal and shoot at the innocent have to be careful, because criminal offenses will be punished from now on. This also lays the foundation for AI-controlled police officers to hunt down criminals and for players to earn their bread as bounty hunters. Which laws apply where depends on the respective star system.
  • Black market: The black market is introduced so that the dangerous life as a criminal is still lucrative. There, players can sell goods such as drugs or other illegal items to special vendors.
  • Hover mode: Spaceships get new flight mechanics in atmospheric flight on planets. From now on it should be much gentler when you take off and land on planets.
  • Persistent spaceship equipment: So far, all changes to weapons and components that the player has on his spaceship - provided it is insured -
    has made, reset to the standard state in the event of destruction. From now on, the game remembers what you have changed and you will get an exact copy of your spaceship back when you request it again.
  • Improved communication: Communication with other players has been simplified. From now on you can see who you are communicating with via text or voice chat through a display. In addition, players who are in your ship automatically join the internal ship communication channel.
  • Buy ships: Players have long wanted to be able to buy most ships with in-game currency. You can probably do this in the game at kiosk terminals.

Those were the most important features that made it into the game at the beginning of version 3.6.0. Some things, such as the possibility of renting ships or the long-awaited luxury yacht “Origin 890 Jump”, will be submitted in the near future. Cloud Imperium Games plans to release a major patch at the beginning of each quarter - small adjustments will also be made in between.

If you wanted to know what else has changed in Alpha 3.6.0, you can take a look at the official patch notes here:

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