For Star Wars fans, joy and sorrow are often closely related - this applies to the films, but also to the video games. Ironically, for players of the currently only officially supported Star Wars MMO, there is now a damper: the new expansion Legacy Of The Sith will be postponed by over two months.

Even the long gamer weekends with Star Wars: The Old Republic at Christmas time will not be - at least if the player had hoped for the content of the new Legacy Of The Sith expansion. It was supposed to appear next week - according to the original plan. Bioware has now thrown it overboard.

More tests - including public ones

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legacy Of The Sith will not appear on the game's official website until next year, according to project manager Keith Kanneg. Bioware has set February 25, 2022 as the new release date. Will it stay that way? Uncertain. Fans have to be patient.

The start of what is now the eighth expansion has been postponed by a little more than two months. The reasons are obviously due to the current status of the quality tests. They are not satisfied with them, so they allow themselves more time to carry out additional tests of those features that are new to the Star Wars MMORG with the expansion. There are quite a few of them, and quite a few drastic ones. For example, the fighting styles should lead to a kind of new gaming experience, because the understanding behind the previously strict class separation is being weakened.

After all: Bioware wants to make the gameplay mechanics available again on the public test servers in order to obtain feedback from the community. However, you won't be able to play anything new to the story, the developers understandably want to avoid spoilers.

With the Legacy Of The Sith expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, players are returning to the planet Manaan, the level cap has been increased to 80 and new combinations of weapons and abilities are introduced. A Flashpoint takes players to the planet Elom, as does a new operation.

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