The farm sim Stardew Valley is now also available as a board game, but for the time being it can only be shipped within the United States. However, because fans are creative when it comes to purchasing games, the board game could still find its way to Europe via detours. The cooperative game for up to four players closely follows the template from developer "ConcernedApe" and costs the equivalent of around 45 euros.

With the charming simulation Stardew Valley, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone not only implemented a remarkable one-man project, but landed a hit worldwide. Stardew Valles is available for PC, consoles and mobile devices and has been constantly adapted and expanded - most recently with the next major update. As has now been announced, a board game for Stardew Valley is also available: for up to four players, optionally alone; cooperative and for a fair 45 euros. The board game was created in cooperation with the game designer Cole Medeiros (also Web of Spies). However, there is a catch for fans in this country: the board game is currently only available within the USA.

Stardew Valley board game closely based on the template

The premise remains virtually unchanged in the Stardew Valley board game: players slip into the roles of farmers and cultivate their fields or build up their farms. In the analogue version of the successful farm sim, the creators rely on a random starting structure to increase the replay appeal. The Stardew Valley board game should play differently with every game. According to Concerned Ape, the creators worked on the title for around two years.

The individual rounds are determined by the seasons, implemented on the game board by appropriate cards that set the framework. Players then have to plan their tasks according to the current situation, for example adapting their actions to the weather. Different "Stardew Valley"-typical actions are available as actions: such as watering plants or feeding animals. Exploration should also play a decisive role in the board game, just like in the template. For example, it is necessary to search the mine for valuable resources.

The Stardew Valley board game is also about farm life. Image: ConcernedApe

The Stardew Valley board game is also about farm life. Image: ConcernedApe

Players have to coordinate their actions appropriately and in each round, but can also act on their own. As in the video game, the equipment in the Stardew Valley board game is gradually improved or the portfolio is expanded to include new skills. There should also be interactions with the valley dwellers - you can make friends with them in order to gain access to gifts and special items.

The aim of the board game is to fulfill grandfather's set goals and to expand the community center before the end of the seasonal playing time. As Eric Barone confirms via Twitter, the board game is aimed at fans aged 13 and over, but the title can also be played with younger children.

The board game for Stardew Valley is thus closely based on the video game by Eric Barone, which was released in spring 2016 and will soon celebrate its fourth birthday. The game is now available for all major consoles as well as for PC and mobile devices. Chucklefish and 505 Games act as publishers of the game. The board game is available now and can not only be pre-ordered - Eric Barone expressly informs about this via Twitter. The board game is currently only available through an in-house online shop, but it is quite possible that the title can also make its way into retail - at least that's one of Eric Barone's goals, as is availability outside the USA.

Source: Stardew Valley Store

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