Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments and developer Haemimont Games, today announced the first major content update for Stranded: Alien Dawn. As development of the game continues, the Dunes and Moons update on Thursday, December 1st brings exciting new features for all players.

Thanks to the update, Early Access players can explore the Desertum biome, a new alien environment that offers unique challenges. Desertum's rocky, orange landscape is sparsely planted and has poor soil quality. In order to ensure survival, it is important for the stranded survivors to use strategy. This is the only way they can succeed in the hostile environment. Due to the quirks of native flora and fauna, as well as unpredictable weather events like dust storms, players must utilize the resources in Desertum to survive the wet and dry seasons and turn their crash site into a busy base.

Update brings new survivors to the game

As well as an impressive new biome, players will also be able to add a new survivor, Sora, to their party as part of the update. Her troubled past hardened her for Desertum's heat waves and cold snaps. Additionally, their enhanced combat abilities can prove vital in the face of attacks from deadly alien beasts like the reptilian Tecatli, which pose an additional threat to survival.

Three new moons will grace the skies of Stranded: Alien Dawn as part of the update. Each one has a different impact on gameplay. Jason's presence presents plenty of adversity for the survivors, but also gives them ample time to prepare and recover from the events; Nyx influences wildlife to attack more frequently during the hours of darkness; Chaos lives up to its name and is almost a guarantee for unpredictable events.


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Additionally, the Dunes and Moons update introduces two new difficulty levels designed to challenge even the most accomplished survival strategists. Very Hard and Insane difficulty levels provide the ultimate opportunity for experienced players who want to put themselves to the test. Players also have the chance to unlock five new achievements as their survivors deal with their harsh new environment.

Ambitious survival players can look forward to further updates and improvements during the Early Access phase, which will provide a lot of exciting content. Stranded: Alien Dawn is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam for $29,99.

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