As of today's Thor's Day (Thursday) Frozenheim from Hyperstrange and Paranoid Interactive is available in the 1.0 version. The full version adds the finishing touches to graphics and gameplay and also includes the fourth story campaign.

Players of the Early Access version can now experience the final chapter of the story and also get access to the new map system with randomly generated maps to experience new adventures over and over again. The strategy game is available to download on Steam and the Humble Store for $16,99.

Strategy game with Nordic setting

Frozenheim blurs the lines between real-time strategy and management-heavy city building simulations. Easy access to the units typical of real-time strategy games let players enjoy the beautiful world thanks to the Unreal Engine while the great wheel of time turns. While the players manage their villages and clans as a true Yarl, they can delve deep into the mythical world of Viking sagas. A time when the old gods of the north still had an influence on the human world.

Frozenheim not only offers an extensive single-player campaign with 21 missions about four different Viking clans, but also multiplayer and skirmish modes. Further, free extensions after release are already being planned.

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