Christmas - the time of contemplation is also the time to gamble. This year, according to a survey, gaming seems to be an integral part of the holidays. Those participants who said they plan to gamble during the holidays rank gambling as one of their top 5 family activities.

Xbox commissioned the polling company YouGov to conduct the survey. The nationally representative survey of the online population aged 13+ in each of the six markets – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Mexico – aimed to understand consumer behavior and perceptions of gaming-related understand other activities and traditions surrounding the holidays.

The final sample size is 1.404 in the United States, 1.336 in the United Kingdom, 1.254 in Australia, 1.256 in Brazil, 1.254 in Germany, and 1.267 in Mexico.

Gamble under the Christmas tree

Video games and video game endings have undergone a transformation. Nothing remains of the former niche existence - gaming is a phenomenon for the masses. Gaming is no longer just a pastime for teenagers. Family-friendly games like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5 accounted for more than 2021 percent of games played during the holiday season in 50.

According to Microsoft, this number has been rising steadily for two years, as well as including internal Xbox Live data from the period from November 2020 to January 2022.

The study's findings now support that gaming helps strengthen intergenerational relationships: Of those surveyed who plan to play video games with family during the holiday season, 40 percent say they plan to play with their children by the age of 21 percent want to play with their parents and five percent plan to play with their grandparents.

Ten percent even include their in-laws in their gaming plans during the holidays.

56 percent feel that passing on the passion for gaming from an older to a younger generation is a great tradition.

The poll results suggest to Microsoft that gaming isn't just bringing people together during the holidays. The fantastic worlds that players explore in video games also help to relax. Of respondents who play video games, 54 percent use video games to relieve stress. This puts gaming ahead of other recreational activities such as surfing social media (46 percent), reading a book (45 percent), exercising (42 percent), and self-care activities (33 percent).

Gaming in Germany more popular than watching sports

Traditions vary from culture to culture, from generation to generation, and sometimes even from city to city. With all this diversity, however, one thing is certain: In Germany, too, gaming is an integral part of the holidays for many, as the survey results also show: Gaming is even more popular in Germany than watching sports. At 42 percent, gaming is one of the most common activities for the Germans surveyed, which they do more than once a week. This means that video games are more popular than typical leisure activities such as music streaming (41 percent), television via linear TV or DVD/Blu-ray (9 percent), podcast consumption (23 percent) or watching sports on TV (18 percent). .

Not only with the family, but also at parties: No matter whether with the family or at a party with friends; 51 percent of surveyed Germans who play video games during the holidays plan to play video games during personal celebrations and get-togethers with family or friends over the holidays.

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Video games are at the top of the activity list on public holidays: 73 percent of German gamers typically play video games during the public holidays. Games relax in stressful times: In Germany, too, gaming is one of the top 5 activities for reducing stress. This is particularly valuable during the holidays, because 64 percent of the Germans surveyed find the activities around the holidays stressful. 30 percent of those who are stressed even state that video games are the best way for them to relieve stress and relax.

When choosing gifts, the focus is on price: 43 percent of the Germans surveyed who want to buy gifts this year state that affordability is the top priority when choosing gifts.

Survey results of all participating countries

The popularity of video games within the family during the holiday season also signals a new era in gift giving. Of the survey participants who want to give gifts during the holidays, 30 percent say that they prefer to give gifts that the whole family can enjoy.

Actor, comedian and avid gamer Jimmy O. Yang is teaming up with Xbox this holiday season to bring great holiday deals and games for the whole family - like the exclusive Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter Bundle.

"Growing up, I often played video games with my family. Accordingly, I was very happy to work with Xbox,” said Yang. "I love to keep in touch with my friends and family all over the world through video games. That's especially valuable when I'm touring and every time there's a busy holiday. Also, it makes me proud to know that my 12-year-old nephew can probably beat me in Fortnite!"

Gaming is a gift that can be passed from generation to generation. 71 percent of respondents state that with the current variety of games available, everyone in the family can play - from children to grandparents.

The festive season of 2022 is also particularly celebratory for Xbox for other reasons: Some legendary Xbox and Microsoft franchises are celebrating anniversaries this year and actively involving their fans: 40 years of Microsoft Flight Simulator, 25 years of Age of Empires, 25 years of Fallout, 10 years of Forza Horizon - and many more to come.


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