Development studio Awaceb and publisher Kepler Interactive are launching a new gameplay series today, centered on the tropical island world of Tchia. The world of adventure was inspired by the Pacific archipelago of New Caledonia, home of the Awaceb founders.

The video accompanies the young heroine and namesake "Tchia" and gives a brief insight into the fairytale world that is just waiting to be explored. Tchia explores the sandy beaches, scales sheer cliffs, and glides through the air. As well as exciting exploration, she also finds time for the island's lovely residents, whether it's for a chat or a few songs on the ukulele.

Inspired by childhood experiences

Awaceb's small team of nine took inspiration for the game from the childhood experiences of the studio's founders, who grew up together in New Caledonia. The love for her homeland is a common thread that ran through the creation of Tchia's game world. Tchia is an appreciation of the archipelago in play, and the love for New Caledonia is reflected in all aspects of the game world - the landscape, wildlife, characters, traditions, music and much more.

Tchia is an open-world sandbox that invites you to play in it. Explore the depths of the ocean with Tchia or use the unique Soul Leap mechanic to connect with the game world in a deeper way. This allows you to take control of hundreds of items and more than thirty animals, opening up whole new possibilities for exploration.

In Tchia, however, not everything is just Pacific sunshine. The home island of Tchia has been overrun by strange stuff creatures called Maano. They have kidnapped Tchia's father and you will have to use all the tricks the game offers to free him. But with all the action, don't forget to rest, enjoy the scenery and sing a few songs on the fully playable ukulele.

Tchia is scheduled for release in spring 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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