The technology of the video game world has changed rapidly in recent years. Games of various genres are on the market. A ranking shows which are the best rated video games in recent years. Video games have become a new hobby for as long as they have existed. For those who pursue the hobby, there are a few must-play games.

The selection of games is endless. There are so many different worlds and stories to explore. The reasons why video games will probably always keep their appeal. There are titles that are well known and some that didn't make it to the top of the rankings. It can certainly also be positively emphasized that all these games without Loot boxes or similar get by. It always depends on your own preferences which genre you prefer to play. In any case, there is something for everyone.

10th place: Halo "Battle for the Future"

For Nintendo it's Super Mario and for Microsoft it's Halo. This video game became one of the most successful series ever made for the X-Box consoles. The first video game came out in 2001. It's a first-person shooter. The gameplay that the player has in "Halo" is unmatched and the story is not over yet.

9th place: "Super Mario Odyssey"

In 2017 this game was released. The most impressive thing about the new series is that Super Mario is still at the forefront for 30 years. Once again it is up to the princess to be rescued in ever more wacky worlds. The game mechanics have also changed. Almost every player can now be controlled, which brings a whole new feel to the game.

8th place: “Metroid Prime”

This game was released in 2020. Nintendo presents more colorful and child-friendly games. This series is the complete opposite of that. The battle through alien planets begins with Samus Aran, the space warrior. Numerous adversaries must be eliminated. Ever new skills make it possible for the player to solve the puzzles. Time-honoured games are given a new guise with this series of games. They even exist in online casinos as they have gained popularity here as well. Here interested parties can Casino without limits play and test all genres.

7th place: “Perfect Dark”

It was played for the first time in 2000. "Perfect Dark" is a profound of the single player. The story is polished. Shooters became popular in the 2000s. It was still the story, which was the most important thing about the game. The player found himself in an exciting agent story. It is he who, step by step, uncovers a dark organization. This game is among the pioneers of first-person shooters as far as consoles go.

6th place: "Red Dead Redemption 2"

Conquered in 2018 the game the market. The story in all parts is outstanding. For the player there is a western adventure that is not only profound but also emotional. There are betrayals, raids, losses, as well as many epic moments. Even after the player finishes the game, it will keep them engaged.

5th place: "Super Mario Galaxy 2"

This game came onto the market in 2007 and fascinates all gamers to this day. Each of the parts manages to surprise the player with something new. There is so much more than simple run and jump mechanics. The player discovers the whole galaxy with a lot of larger and smaller planets. The game impresses with its innovative gravity technology.

4th place: "Soul Calibur"

The game dates back to 1999. Although the Sega Dreamcast is no longer one of the top consoles, there were still some impressive ones there Games. One of them is Soul Calibur. It became a real revolution in fighting games. Up to this point, there was no other fighting game in which the characters could be controlled so excellently and directly. The fighters were so imaginatively designed and the graphics so superb that both became groundbreaking. All “Soul Calibur” titles are extremely popular to this day.

3rd place: "Grand Theft Auto 4"

This game was released in 2008. It is the most successful game series that has ever existed. All parts are included in the hit list, with the fourth part being the most popular of all. However, the fifth part has also made it very far with the players and has become indispensable.

2nd place: "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2"

This game conquered the market in 2000. In the 90's skating was more popular than ever. The video game was also a big hit back then, because it came out at exactly the right time. It was so popular that it was even featured on the Nintendo console could be played. The player takes the form of one of numerous prominent skaters. He reveals secrets and with the board he allows himself spectacular stunts. That increases the score. The soundtrack was also excellently chosen for the time. He created the right atmosphere for the games.

1st place: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

In 1998 the game took off. This game was the only one with a score of 99. It's a 3D spin-off and it became the highest rated game ever. This applies to all areas of the game. Be it the characters, the game world, the soundtrack, the puzzles or the Zelda moments. Everything just fits together perfectly. Even if this classic game is a game that is getting on in years, this game in particular has made it to number 1 of video games. It is suitable for all age groups and promises a lot of variety.