In the latest developer diary for The Great War: Western Front WW1 RTS, coming from Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph, players will get new information about the campaign and battlefield tactics that will help to overwhelm the virtual enemy.

In 'Commanding the Western Front', Petroglyph Senior Producer Ted Morris, Lead Designer Chris Becker, Senior Designer Patrick Pannullo and Senior Content Designer David Kondor give aspiring commanders an in-depth look at the immersive and authentic campaign.

In this WW1 RTS, players will take on the dual roles of a theater and field commander. In doing so, they experience and rewrite history. Players have the choice of taking command as the first embers of war flare up in 1914, or commanding the front lines in 1916 when the battle lines have already been drawn.

It starts at the end of March

Every decision players make has a crucial impact on the war effort. In doing so, they must decide how best to use critical resources, but also consider which groundbreaking technologies are worth spending research points on—all with the aim of tipping the balance of the war in their favor.

Returning to devastated battlefields scarred by previous conflicts, commanders must use their resources to carry out their plans: form intricate networks of trenches, engage enemy combatants in grueling hand-to-hand combat, or launch coordinated artillery strikes.

In a captivating campaign, players experience a war of attrition in which they pay a price for every defeat, but also for every victory. However, in some battles, the best option may also be to call in a ceasefire to conserve valuable resources and maintain morale. All these factors are ultimately intended to wear down the enemy's national will.

The Great War: Western Front will be available on March 30th for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store at a suggested retail price of €34,99 and €39,99 for the Victory Edition. Players who pre-order either edition will be able to start making their battle plans three days early, starting March 27th.

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