The board game The King's Dilemma is adapted as a video game. In the meantime, the release date has also been set - it's not far away. The digital board game is scheduled to launch at the end of the month.

The adaptation of the board game The King's Dilemma is scheduled for release on January 30, 2023. It has been clear since last summer that a video game version would appear. In July, Big Trouble officially announced the project, titled The King's Dilemma: Chronicles - it was unclear exactly when the video game would actually be finished.

Legacy video game: The King's Dilemma for PC

The adaptation is based on the legacy board game released in 2019, which was launched in Germany via Heidelbär Games. With the idea, the makers unsurprisingly start with the template. In the digital version, players assume the roles of chairmen of an advisory council for the monarch of the fictional kingdom of Ankist. 

From then on it gets really nasty: Because every council member is associated with a certain political, religious or ideological point of view, they pursue different goals. However, you always have to keep in focus that you have to steer the decisions of the king in his favor. 

In order to be able to implement this as a video game in a meaningful way, Big Trouble uses a special trick: The King's Dilemma: Chronicles is based on the idea of ​​a storytelling video game, as solo players know it. The players have to keep making new decisions with different consequences. You can push the king to make certain decisions that help the inhabitants of the fictional kingdom of Ankist - or you can increase your own power or increase your wealth.

The problems of the people can also be seen on a map. Exciting: Each of the decisions made can only have consequences later in the game. It all sounds pretty linear, but it's not meant to be, players will be able to experience different story arcs and thus be confronted with unique gameplay over and over again. 

The King's Dilemma: Chronicles is developed and published by Big Trouble. The creative mind behind it is CEO Lorenzo Silva, who was also previously responsible for the original Horrible Guild legacy board game. The King's Dilemma co-designer Hjalmar Hach co-founded the studio. So you can expect a similar quality from the adaptation as from the original.

It was aimed at three to five players and was designed for long-term fun. Each game focused on a different problem of the king. Players were tasked with discussing the options and ultimately choosing an action together. In sales of the campaign, new game elements or aspects that advanced the story were repeatedly revealed.

This also means that as a legacy title, The King's Dilemma can only be played through once, with each run being unique to each group. The sequel, The Queen's Dilemma, is slated for release in 2023 after crowdfunding last year. Players together generated a sum of over 700.000 euros and thus exceeded the targeted sum by around eight times.

The video game version of the board game is purely a single player game and is available via Steam. The texts are completely localized.

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