Developer Naugty Dog's The Last of Us is one of the most popular game series on Sony's in-house games console. Now it should also convince the end of the game analogously. After announcing last year that a board game was in development at CMON, publisher Themeborne surprised thousands with their version of the well-loved video game hit and was able to convince thousands of people with its extraordinary artwork and interesting Rogueloke elements.

The ended on Friday Crowdfunding Campaign about Themeborne's latest game The Last of Us: Escape the Dark. After a short-term announcement, the publisher, who has already produced successful titles such as Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector, was able to gain a large number of supporters for their latest project. 9.701 supporters financed the game via Kickstarter and contributed just over 1 million euros. This makes The Last of Us: Escape the Dark by far the publisher's most successful crowdfunding campaign. A big plus point was the lively exchange with the community over the period of the project. So Themeborne listened to many suggestions from the fans, improved components, changed miniatures and much more. And even after the campaign, the team is working diligently on improvements to the game.

A week after the end of the campaign, it should go to the Pledge Manager. Here you will probably have one last chance to secure the Collector's Edition in the form of a Late Pledge, as it will not be available in regular stores. The Collectors Edition boasts miniatures instead of tokens for all playable characters and threat tokens, as well as double-layer trays and trays, and will likely cost around £120.