Summer is over. It's getting dark earlier and cooler again, and more time is being spent indoors again. The time when board games are particularly popular.

New entertainment options are constantly being invented, but parlor games remain more popular than many entertainment programs. There is something special about playing together at home in good company. Parlor games include card games, board games, word games, puzzle games, and games of skill. A boring game night can usually be ruled out. The classics are still there. Winning isn't really the priority here. More important is the time that family and friends spend together, socializing and having fun together. Depending on the game, skill is also encouraged or another area is further developed.

The settlers of Catan

The game was invented in 1995 and still inspires many fans of parlor games. This game can also be played online, such as in online casinos, and is extremely popular. Just in Paysafe Casino can be played safely, even for real money. Three to four players can put their skills to the test here. Over the years there have been expansions that make it possible to play the game with up to six people. It is a strategy and trading game that has seen numerous expansions since its inception. These include cities & knights, explorers & pirates and seafarers and star travelers. Fascinating spin-offs have also been released. These include the Game of Thrones Catan or Catan Junior. It has blossomed into a classic game, which is still very popular and promises a varied game round.


There are numerous types of poker. These include Texas Hold'em, Five-card Draw and Omaha Poker, among others. Poker is still a popular game that offers a lot of variety. Card games similar to today's poker already existed in Germany and France in the 15th century. French settlers then brought it to New Orleans in the 19th century. Over time, it evolved into the game we know today. There are poker tournaments everywhere in Germany from the Allgaeu to Hamburg. Since there are so many different variants of the card game, it never gets boring even after the hundredth round. The ideal parlor game for family and friends.


Another classic among board games. A hit game from the USA. It was developed there in the 30s. It was sold in more than 100 countries. This is an entertaining hunt for streets and properties. Add to that the competitive dice gameplay and the element of surprise when drawing the event and community cards. Every single game is such a new experience. Strong nerves are required here. There are some entertaining controversies to play due to the competitive gameplay.


Carcassonne is the hit among parlor games and belongs to everyone Gaming event easy to. It was published in 2000. There were prestigious awards for this game. In 2001 it was awarded the German Game Prize. There were also numerous expansions to this game. These are taverns and cathedrals, merchants and builders, and crossovers and spin-offs in the form of the Star Wars Edition. In this placement game, there are intuitive rules, which makes the game different from the classics, such as Monopoly and Poker.


Uno is one of the most popular board games worldwide and has established itself in the field. It was launched in 1971. The rules of the game are simple and the game promises lively game nights. The basic idea is kept quite simple, but still fascinates again and again. Whoever can discard their cards the fastest wins the round. Penalties and points are part of the game. There are also different rule variations that can be used to spice up Uno. What exactly applies to the +2 and +4 cards? There is partial other rule interpretations. There are also alternative games such as Uno Flip or Uno Junior. One of the reasons why Uno is still one of the most popular card and board games after more than 50 years. Children in kindergarten start to learn this game and even in old age it is still played with pleasure.


Developed in Sweden, this game is, like Carcassonne, one of the most popular puzzle games. The right parts for the laying board have to be found in the shortest possible time. The game is based on reaction and strategy. Whoever calls Ubongo first gets the game gem currency. A game round lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. A game with significant addictive potential that never gets boring.


Scrabble also promises a varied evening of games. You have to find creative words out of a jumble of letters, because that gives you points. Since it appeared in 1949, it has sold more than 100 million copies. It resembles a crossword puzzle, which was also taken as a model when it was developed. Nowadays there are even tournaments and championships for Scrabble. It is a combination of playful language logic and competitive creativity. To this day it has not lost its appeal.


Spatial awareness and dexterity are important here. This game was invented in 1983 by Leslie Scott, a British designer. This game combines a haptic social experience of building a tower as large as possible and a competitive element. Who is it that will bring down the tower? There are also numerous game variants and special releases. This includes variants related to Harry Potter, Super Mario, Godzilla or Rick and Morty. It is a simple game principle, which is still an absolute hit. It is easy to understand and you can play it with several people.