Publisher 11 bit studios and developer studio Fool's Theory have unveiled their latest project. In the isometric RPG The Thaumaturge, players are set in 1905 in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

Ruled by the Russian tsars, Warsaw is a city caught between poverty and prosperity, where the interests of Jews, Poles and Russians are often in conflict, where one's happiness can quickly come at the expense of another. But apart from the "real" there is still a spiritual world in which invisible powers influence humanity.

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After investing a great deal of time exploring the world of the mystical and mysterious, the publishing team at 11 bit studios and the developers at Fool's Theory finally unveil The Thaumaturge. The story-driven RPG approaches combat, character development, and investigative mechanics from a unique perspective, and explores the intricate theme of the demons within. The Thaumaturge is set in the culturally diverse capital of Poland, Warsaw, in the early 20th century, after the country became part of the Russian Empire. Faced with morally complex choices, players are drawn into a spiritual world ruled by unseen forces beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

Warsaw in 1905, under the yoke of the Russian Tsars, is a city of striking contrasts. Poverty and hooliganism are as much a part of it as the wealth of high society and political intrigues. It is a place where the interests of different groups such as Jews, Poles and Russians are often in conflict, and where one's chance for a better life can mean misfortune for the other.

In the interstices of the "real" world and the world of shadows in this story-driven isometric RPG, esoteric beings called salutors exist. Only a Thaumaturge is able to truly perceive the powerful Salutors and utilize their unique abilities at their own discretion. Thaumaturges can delve deep into a person's depths, down to the very core of their psyche, and uncover their counterpart's honest intentions, secret desires, shameful secrets, distorted perceptions, exaggerations and imperfections. Loyal to their masters, Salutors allow thaumaturges to manipulate others, harnessing their secrets and insecurities, and bending their wills to their own advantage, thereby affecting the world around them. Salutors have their roots in different cultures and are used as powerful allies in turn-based combat, which is invaluable especially in dark alleys like the Praga district.

“The Thaumaturge revolves around the idea of ​​demons, both physically and metaphorically. This is a game that follows 11 bit studios' credo of entertainment with depth. The theme is expressed in different aspects of the game, gameplay mechanics or the narrative elements are just a part of it,” explains Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz, Design Director at Fool's Theory. As the saying goes, "everyone has their own demons," not everything is always what it seems in The Thaumaturge.

"Fool's Theory is a great studio that has allowed us to welcome a deep RPG to our portfolio," said Marek Ziemak, Chief Production Officer at 11 bit studios. "And thanks to the relatively large team of around 60 people and a corresponding budget, this is our largest publishing title to date - roughly corresponding to the resources of the first Frostpunk. The Thaumaturge is also set in a place where many of us were born and raised, a place we feel connected to and that we feel has not been adequately represented in video games before. We can't wait to finally reveal more about a project we've been working on since the original idea four years ago."

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