The Tiny Epic series by Gamelyn Games includes numerous games. All have their own theme and game mechanics. The next title in the series will be launched on Kickstarter in the penultimate week of November.

There are over 60 entries in the Tiny Epic series on BoardGameGeek if you count all the promos and editions. The latest entry will soon be available in crowdfunding on Kickstarter. In the novelty, the players must solve a crime. They can do this together or against each other.

The Tiny Epic series offers accessible games in a handy format. With simple rules, great fun comes out of the small boxes.

48 hours to solve the case

All players investigate a murder case. They can work together or work the case all by themselves. It can also be determined solo.

The first 48 hours after a crime are usually the most crucial. As part of the investigation, everyone moves through Echo Ridge City collecting evidence. With the help of the evidence and the new Tiny Epic Decoder System, suspects can be gradually excluded.

Unfortunately, crime doesn't take a break for the murder investigation. Players must also pursue other cases and manage their time wisely. If you take on the other cases, you can gain useful information for solving the "big" case.

By the end of the game, you should have enough evidence and information to identify the real culprit.

In Echo Ridge City, 1-4 people aged 14 and over are allowed to participate in the investigation. The 48 hours pass in the game in 30-60 minutes. Unlike many other crime games Tiny Epic Crimes Replayable indefinitely as the culprit, city map and other crimes are random.

The Crowdfunding on Kickstarter starts on November 22nd.


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