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It is particularly difficult for beginners and casual gamers to keep track of the abundance of board games. We have put together a top list with the 50 best board games as a decision-making aid to give players the chance to discover new titles in the first place. We deliberately did not avoid a certain subjectivity when creating the lists, because we want to present the top 50 of the best board games from our eyes as players.

If you miss a title on the list or have suggestions for other exciting board games that absolutely have to be listed in the top 50 board games: Simply use the contact form at the end of the page and send us your suggestions. We look forward to your tips!

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Ranking of the best board games: Top 50

1.GloomhavenExceptional board game!Price
2.Star Wars: RebellionEven better thanks to expansion.Price
3.Twilight imperiumAged like a good wine.Price
4.Pandemic Legacy: Season 2Fight pandemic? More relevant than ever. Price
5.Terraforming Mars Away from earth? Remains an issue. Price
6.Puerto RicoRelaunched even better.Price
7.Marvel Champions - The Card GameBanging bad guys with superheroes? Excellent! Heroic!Price
8.The lost ruins of ArnakA phenomenon goes around the world.Price
9.HydropowerIndustrial revolution, but dystopian.Price
10.Spirit IslandComplex, matured. For experts.Price
11.Great Western TrailStrategic cowboy placement.Price
12.Flapping wingsEngine builder with great features. Price
13.Underwater citiesGerman version with English title: Everything done right!Price
14.Architects of the west of FranceThe board game is better than the title soundsPrice
15.Battlestar Galactica: The Board GameMakes friendships break.Price
16.Gaia ProjectTechnologies instead of temples. Successor to Terra Mystica. Price
17.Blood RageKickstarter hit by Eric M. Lang.Price
18.Star Wars: Outer Rim
Great Star Wars atmosphere. Hope for improvements through expansion.Price
19.Gloomhaven: paws of the lionSlimmed-down "epicness". Stand-alone or as an extension.Price
20.Brass: BirminghamThe industrial revolution as a board game.Price
21.Clong!Deck construction. Charming. Playfully good.Price
22.Food chain magnateSmoking heads ...Price
23.Arkham Horror: The Card GameExciting variant of an Arkham horror game.Price
24.The Mystical LandA hit worldwide. Rightly so.Price
25.ScytheThe hype is subsiding. Still great.Price
26.Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age
4X strategy for demanding players.Price
27.Aeon's EndCo-op card game with clever deck building. Price
28.Tainted grailHours of story.Price
29.Dune: EmpireA rarity: a successful game for the film.Price
30.AgricolaRediscovered. Rosenberg.Price
31.OrleansGreat title for real board game strategists.
32.Too many bonesDice and role play? Great combination!Price
33.everdellPlays fluffy and cuddly.Price
34.RootGood everywhere: on the table - and digitally too.Price
35.Star Wars:
For fans with money. Spaceship battles.Price
36.The Crew: Travel to the 9th planet togetherTrick card game attractively modernized. Price
37.On MarchMars board game without terraforming in the title.Price
38.Star Wars: Imperial AssaultSprawling battle of accessories. Good miniature board game not only for Star Wars fans.Price
39.AzulTimelessly good tiling. "Door opener".Price
40.Civilization: The Board GameCivilization strategy game with digital ancestors.Price
41.Dinosaur Island For everyone who loves Jurassic Park and hates the T-Rex.Price
42.The castles of BurgundyHad to be on the list!Price
43.The island of catsCat placement with a great table structure. Price
44.Pax Pamir: Second EditionDominance game.Price
45.AltiplanoBag worker placement with misshapen alpaca.Price
46.7 Wonders DuelThe great two-player version of the Kennerspiel 2011.Price
47.Exit Great series for puzzle fans. Flops when it comes to sustainability.Price
48.The Lord of the Rings - Journey through Middle-earthYou do not come over!Price
49.The galleristLacerda. Good, but a matter of tastePrice
50.Small world of warcraftGood classic with a big license bonus.Price
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The top 50 of the best board games is of course a list that is shaped by our personal gaming tastes. Overall, we tried to find a fair mix of frequently played board games and titles that are currently often discussed in the scene. When selecting the titles, we were guided by our opinions and those of other players.
Trending topics from internet forums and social media also served as factors for the selection. However, pure sales figures are not decisive, otherwise classics such as Mensch ärgere dich nicht or Monopoly would appear as fixed sizes among the 50 best board games - which is not the case in our top list.

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