Good Shepherd Entertainment and the Artificer development team have announced that Showgunners (the turn-based tactics game set in a dystopian reality TV show and previously known as Homicidal All-Stars) is coming to Steam and GOG on May 2nd, 2023 .com for the PC appears.

Earn the love of the fans, defeat your opponents and become the champion of this wacky TV show - a tribute to classics from film and TV like American Gladiators, RoboCop and The Running Man.

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"This game started as a love letter to the wacky sci-fi action movies of the 1980s, and we wanted a new title that honors the reality show's roots while honoring the fast-paced strategy gameplay," said Kacper Szymczak, CEO/Creative Director at Artificer . “And with that, welcome to Showgunners! We love the new name, we're incredibly proud of everything we've put into the game and we hope you're as excited about the launch as we are."

Starting today, the Showgunners Steam Free Demo brings an exciting new feature that gives audiences direct access to the action - Twitch Mode! Streamers can make their audience part of the carnage by acting as showrunners and voting in real-time on events they would like to see. Will the fans help out when it matters most, or will they choose to create chaos and ruin their loved ones?

In a society of the future marked by extreme income inequality, greedy corporations, violence, war and climate change, one show has taken the masses by storm! The desperate contestants fight for their chance at glory - but they have to get out of the arena alive. Each live-streamed episode presents unique, themed traps and challenges that have one thing in common: they are deadly! As a competitor with a purpose of your own, you must face off against hordes of heavily armored enemies, find life-saving sponsorship packages, and survive particularly nasty directorial surprises if you want to become a champion. 

Features of the game:

  • A Classic Revenge Story: Experience action in the style of an over-the-top version of American Gladiators in a world inspired by sci-fi epics like RoboCop, Escape from New York and The Running Man.
  • Become a legend: Whoever laughs in the face of death becomes a star. Increase your fame, grow your fanbase, and sign sponsorship deals to unlock special rewards that will be extremely helpful on your way to victory. 
  • Challenging Strategy Gameplay: The campaign features tactically challenging battles across various handcrafted levels that will challenge your skills.
  • Create the perfect squad: For your team members you can choose from a large selection of classes, each with their own skill trees, and equip each member with powerful weapons, implants and helpful items. Level up characters and discover unique synergies that can save your ass. 
  • Survive the Entertainment Industry of the Future: Face off against unscrupulous, armed-to-the-teeth rivals and stay vigilant—the GMs love to break the rules to skyrocket ratings! 

Showgunners is now available to wishlist on Steam and

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