With World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the developers have made Beast Mastery hunters happy: a new spectral ornament has found its way into the world. Bloodgurgle is relatively easy to tame in the Plains of Ohn'ahra. We reveal how it works.

Spectral pets are popular with hunters because of their special abilities. There are not many, with some animals it takes a little patience until you finally found them and were able to tame them. "Blood Gullet", that's the English name of the new spectral companion Bloodgurgle, can be found in the plains of Ohn'ahra. The Panzerdon roams around a little below the Maruukai settlement - although you can't see the animal without a little trick. 

Follow in the footsteps of ghosts

In order to be able to tame Bloodgurgle, you must first be able to see him. You can do this by following in the footsteps of the spirits and first getting the "Essence of Awakening" from the tree step outpost in the Plains of Ohn'ahra. You can find the one-hour buff in a small hut just off the outpost in the north-east of the map. The coordinates according to 85/20. 

You can hardly miss the essence if you have targeted the right hut. The purple something is just to the left of the entrance. A simple touch is all it takes to give you the buff needed to tame Bloodthroat as a Beast Mastery hunter. 

blood throat tame location

You can find the required essence in the pruning outpost. Pictures: Spielpunkt

So make sure you actually have the 60-minute buff, then head towards the village of Maruukai on your dragon's back. Right by the river - near a mystical stone - Bloodgurgle hangs around. Ghost Panzerdon is a rare spawn, so it may not always be there when you need it.

However, you can use a trick to make the Panzerdon visible: Use the organized group search to find any farm troop (note war mode on/off!) to switch instances. Send a group request, join the group, then briefly scan the area for the Spectral Panzerdon. If Bloodgurgle is still not there to tame, leave the group and repeat the process. In any server instance you will sooner or later encounter Blood Gullet. Sometimes it works quickly, sometimes less. This is not least due to the animal's respawn time, which, according to the players, is around two to six hours. 

blood throat tame location

Bloodgurgle runs around here. Picture: Spielpunkt

Important: You must have the Beast Mastery specialization selected to tame Goregorge, as only beastmasters can ever ensnare spirit beasts with their love. 

Once you've spotted the Panzerdon, the rest is easy to tame Bloodgargle. Simply use the appropriate skill of the hunter and he's yours. Of course, you can also get Blood Gargle a second time. The procedure then remains the same. Once tamed, Bloodgurgle keeps its name—it's a unique pet, after all. 

With Bear's Tenacity, Spirit Walk, and Spirit Heal, Bloodgurgle is well equipped in terms of his special abilities. Spirit Pulse, which you can use to remove a disease, poison, or magic effect, is also great. So no one knocks out blood gargle that quickly. 

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