As revealed by Microsoft, they will increase the dollar prices for the deadline party video games starting next year. So far, the Xbox 360 era has had a new price level of 60 US dollars, in 2023 it will be raised to 70 US dollars. 

In this country, games like Forza Horizon 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Co have long cost around 70 euros. However, as Microsoft has now announced, will raise the price to $69.99 for new full-price titles. This was initially reported by IGN. This may not be a big deal given the price increases established by other publishers, but there could be more to it. Price increases may also apply to the hardware. This has not yet been officially announced, but not too long ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted that Microsoft could possibly increase the prices of its consoles or services. 

Xbox price: constant for a long time

Phil Spencer recently pointed out that the price could also be kept for the new consoles. A price increase for the Xbox Series X was at best an issue for the future. The Xbox boss could not wipe possible price increases completely off the table – only before Christmas, according to his announcement, would that not happen. 

It is now clear: From 2023, games developed for Xbox Series X|S, including Forza Motorsport, Redfall or Starfield, will cost $69,99 from their market launch. However, Xbox had not given details for other markets, and further price adjustments for other countries may follow. 

It is unclear whether the price increases also pave the way for increases in hardware or services. 

Other publishers have long since pushed ahead, such as Ubisoft, Take-Two or Sony. They all raised the introductory price to 70 US dollars, also with consequences for the German market, because the price adjustments ended up with an RRP of 79.99 euros in Germany. It could look similar after Microsoft's price increase for first-party games. 

While the price level for the games can be predicted relatively accurately, possible new prices for the Game Pass or the consoles remain unclear. Sony recently increased the price of the Playstation 5 by ten percent – ​​the Xbox Series X would then cost 549 euros if Microsoft decided to take a similar step. At the time of Sony's price hike, such a move was presumably not an issue for Microsoft, at least not one intended for the public. As recently as September, Phil Spencer said they had no plans to raise Xbox prices. The turnaround followed about a month later. Spencer said in October it has maintained game and subscription prices, but probably won't be able to guarantee that forever. Price increases "for certain things" became more likely. 

What seems almost indispensable for the hardware is completely unclear for the services. Because: At the conference in October, Phil Spence explained that the Game Pass is now profitable and accounts for around 15 percent of sales. A price increase could bring more money into the coffers or have the opposite effect if players quit more in the face of price adjustments.  

Previously, the price level had been constant for full-price games for many years: since the 360 ​​era, the MSRP has been $59.99. 

Reasons for price increases in the games sector include increased development costs and inflation. Xbox declined to comment to IGN.

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