The video game series Zoo Tycoon is to be adapted as a board game. The Swiss publisher Treecer wants to raise the financing via crowdfunding. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch on October 25th. 

It's been more than 20 years since Zoo Tycoon, an economic simulation by the developer studio Blue Fang Games, was released, which still has many fans today. Not everyone grabs one of the sequels - there weren't many of them anyway. After Zoo Tycoon 2 and several DLCs, the game made it to the Xbox in 20213. Since then it has become quiet around the colorful zoo management game. Until now, albeit differently than expected: Zoo Tycoon should appear as a board game under the appropriate title "Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game".

Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game from Switzerland 

And who invented it? Exactly! Treecer from Switzerland is behind board games like Darwin's Choice or P'achakuna - they're always about nature and animals. A board game for Zoo Tycoon fits perfectly into the portfolio. What the publisher has to do beforehand is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It's scheduled to start on October 25th you can make a note of the campaign already. 

What to expect in a nutshell: A complete zoo in a game box; with more than 230 animal figures. Wild Serengeti has already proven that such concepts are well received. And the basic theme is also trendy - at least since Nova Ark one thing is clear: board games and zoos make an excellent combination, even for experts. Treecer describes the Zoo Tycoon board game as a themed board game for two to four players.

The board game, of course, picks up on the idea of ​​the template. Players direct the fortunes of their own zoo, building enclosures, providing food, setting up gift shops and other attractions that can trick visitors into spending a little more money than just admission. Of course, the animals and their individual needs also play a role. The board game for Zoo Tycoon will include a total of 34 animal species, which offers plenty of strategic starting points in combination with the enclosures. 

It looks like Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game is going to be quite a large game. In addition to the more than 200 figures, there are also cards and tokens. Despite the colorful theme with a cuddly factor, the board game is intended to appeal more to experienced fans. As an upscale Eurogame, the title should cause many a smoking head. You will have to estimate at least 120 minutes for a game. The idea of ​​money as a source of income from multiple sources is also likely to create further challenges. 

How high the costs of the crowdfunding campaign will be is so far uncertain. You will have to wait until crowdfunding starts. 

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