Logitech G, a Logitech brand and provider of innovative gaming gear, today introduced the new Mandalorian Edition of the A30 gaming headset, developed in close collaboration with Lucasfilm.

The Mandalorian Edition of the Logitech G A30 is more than just a headset. It's a collectible that celebrates the world of Star Wars while being designed for gamers and fans alike. The Mandalorian Edition of the A30 gaming headset offers maximum flexibility and portability, advanced pro-grade LIGHTSPEED technology and a 3,5mm aux port so gamers can conquer the galaxy from their desk, couch or on the go .

Star Wars themed headphones

The Mandalorian Edition of the Logitech G A30 represents cross-device gaming fun, so gamers can master their missions on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The interplay of style and comfort is ideally rounded off by a tailor-made audio mix.
"We're proud to have created a headset that celebrates the legacy of the Mandalorian saga," said Peter Kingsley, Chief Marketing Officer at Logitech G. "We hope fans love the edition as much as we do ."

The Mandalorian Edition of the Logitech G A30 combines the franchise's signature aesthetic with the sleek design of the A30 series. The color is based on the Mandalorian iron - Beskar. The headset features soft memory foam padding in the ear cups and headband that has just the right amount of resilience for long-lasting comfort. There are also adjustable magnetic ear pads at the bottom of the headset, allowing you to adjust the padding to your liking.

The special edition earcups are branded with two images. The left earcup features the profile of Din Djarin - better known to fans as "The Mandalorian" - and the Clan Mudhorn sigil on the right. In addition, there are many more Easter Eggs scattered throughout the headset just waiting to be discovered by fans of the franchise.

Equipped with an adjustable boom microphone and an integrated microphone, the headset guarantees crystal-clear voice quality. High-quality 40mm audio drivers ensure powerful sound and an immersive overall experience. This can be further customized and personalized via the Logitech G Mobile App for Android and iOS.

With a battery life of more than 27 hours, the Mandalorian Edition of the Logitech G A30 offers long-lasting gaming fun at home and on the go.

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