Paradox Interactive today announces the date of their upcoming announcement show, which will air March 6 from 18 p.m. There will be world premieres of games from the publisher's network of studios and partners.

The show, conducted in partnership with Xbox, will air on the Paradox YouTube and Twitch channels and will feature the debut of new games from Seattle's Harebrained Schemes, the master storytellers behind The Shadowrun Trilogy and BATTLETECH, Paradox Tectonic, the Berkeley-based studio working with industry veteran Rod Humble; and Colossal Order, the Tampere-based developers of the genre-leading global hit Cities: Skylines.

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"I'm not saying we're going to be making too many announcements, but it's hard to choose which one is the most exciting," said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. "Talking directly to our players about our games, sharing the excitement about upcoming projects, comparing how many hours you've played is something everyone at Paradox deeply enjoys. Also, I don't want to keep these announcements a secret any longer."

In addition to announcing new games, the Paradox Announcement Show will showcase new content for existing Paradox games, including new expansions, free updates, and news about the Paradox Arc Initiative.

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