"True crime" as a parlor game: Listen, puzzle and solve together: In the successful audio mystery series "echoes", the players try to reconstruct mysterious stories, and they do so through their sense of hearing. From February there will be a very special case with "Mord auf Ex", namely with the hosts of the well-known true crime podcast of the same name "Mord auf Ex". Especially because this time there is a real case to be solved, a real murder case.

The year is 1840. What happened in the English mansion where Lord Russell is found dead in the morning? The journalists Leonie Bartsch and Linn Schütze from the true crime podcast "Mord auf Ex" lead through this real case. As usual, they comment on the events in an informative and entertaining manner in the style of their podcast and try to solve this murder together with the players.

"We're really excited to launch our first true crime game, echoes," say Leonie Bartsch and Linn Schütze. “Like the “Exis” in our podcast, players can follow a real case here. We are curious if you can solve the riddle of the mysterious murder".

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To understand what happened, players must listen to echoes of the past. This not only requires excellent memory, but also a great deal of combination skill - and above all, extremely keen hearing.

The special thing about "echoes": The mysterious game world is created through sound such as music, tone and speech in high radio play quality. Only 24 atmospherically illustrated cards provide fragmentary, partly hidden clues. Behind every image there are essential sounds or parts of a conversation.

With the free "echoes" app (for iOS and Android), players can listen to them as soon as they move their mobile phone camera over the game material and then put them in the hopefully correct order. "echoes" is divided into six chapters, to which you have to assign the three correct object cards.

If necessary, the app not only provides assistance and reveals whether the order is correct, it also creates the right atmosphere for the respective case. "echoes" can also be played with smartphones that do not meet the technical requirements. To do this, enter the three-digit code on the respective card instead of scanning it with the cell phone camera.

Depending on the level of difficulty of the puzzles, the games are divided into different levels from one to five. There are also two game variants within the game: Beginners start with half of the object cards. Experienced "echoes" investigators start directly with all 18 object cards. In both cases, the game material can be reused after solving the case.

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