Blizzard would announce the date for BlizzCon 2020 at this time of the year. Now: BlizzCon 2020 could be canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At least that's what Blizzard hinted at in a recently published statement. However, the decision about the implementation of the event is not final; Blizzard is currently planning further, but only wants to hold the in-house convention if there are no health risks for fans and employees.

Blizzard usually publishes the date for its in-house convention BlizzCon in mid-April, and the run for tickets begins in May. Not so this year: the global coronavirus pandemic is not leaving Blizzard without a trace. BlizzCon producer Saralyn Smith has indicated in a statement that BlizzCon 2020 could be canceled if the corona crisis persists.

Blizzard's final decision on BlizzCon 2020 will follow later

Events around the world are currently being canceled, postponed or, for example, as in the case of the Gamescom 2020, converted into a new digital format. The virus crisis does not go past Blizzard's event landscape without leaving its mark. For Blizzard it is currently questionable whether BlizzCon 2020 can take place.

Saralyn Smith clarifies: "We love BlizzCon". It resonates with the fact that you want to hold the convention should it be possible later in the year due to the situation. Nevertheless: protecting the health of everyone - the fans, employees and helpers - has top priority.

Not only Blizzard, but fans too have to prepare well in advance for BlizzCon. Photo: Blizzard

Not only Blizzard, but fans too have to prepare well in advance for BlizzCon. Photo: Blizzard

Blizzard has not yet made a final decision, among other things because there are still several months until BlizzCon. Because the fear of a second virus wave is great, an appointment in late autumn could be difficult to keep.

The Californians want to publish information as soon as it is available. First and foremost, the BlizzCon producer released the statement because Blizzard announced the date for the convention in the spring. Blizzard understands that many fans also have to prepare for the event. This includes the arrival as well as the booking of an accommodation. They want to create a clear situation as soon as possible.

However, BlizzCon 2020 is not completely off the table. At Blizzard, the planning is currently ongoing, and various scenarios are being considered, but always in view of what the BlizzCon experience would look like with adjustments for the fans. Ticketing will most likely not be able to start in early summer - there is currently no information on whether and when tickets for BlizzCon will be available. Fans have to be patient.

It could be a few months before a final decision is made about whether or not BlizzCon 2020 can take place.

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