Gearbox Publishing today released the final installment in the Life Beyond trailer series for the chillingly charming 2D action roguelike Have a Nice Death.

In the new trailer, you can get a safe glimpse of the deadly lovely tools that go about the day's work at Death Inc. Spells and cloaks are also presented. Because what's a hero's death without a cloak.

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Battlefield 2042 PS5 Battlefield 2042 PS5 * Currently no reviews 25,43 EUR

Death Inc. is the leading underworld mega-corporation responsible for transporting souls to the afterlife. A sprawling corporate empire, Death Inc. has plenty of rather morbid departments - like the Industrial Pollution department, where charm is dripping from the ceiling, or the Physical Diseases department, which will take your breath away.

Each department is led by a powerful manager, the "nuisances", who, to make matters worse, also get out of hand and thus cause even more work.

In the darkly charming roguelike Have a Nice Death you can slice, hack, stab and fire your way through the day from March 22nd on the Nintendo Switch and on PC (Steam and Steam Deck) for the price of 24,99 euros.

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