We can pass the waiting time for the next big game by Alexander Pfister, Cloudage, with a monster expedition. The dice game of the same name appears this month by Amigo and continues the thematic Carnival of Monsters by Richard Garfield. 

The Carnival of Monsters by Richard Garfield is a card drafting game released in 2019: Over four seasons, two to five players try to collect country cards in order to be able to capture exotic monsters. Now it goes on, at least thematically, with "Monster Expedition".

Legendary monster hunt

Common universes, like in the cinema at Marvel and DC, seem to be gaining popularity among board games as well. The Roll-Player universe and the world around Valeria are now joined by Carnival of Monsters and Monster Expedition.

In "Monster Expedition" one to four players go on an expedition to hunt down legendary monsters. As a member of the royal monstrological society, players search for the creatures in the cloudlands and the enchanted forest, among other places. Over several rounds, the players choose a camp where they want to start the expedition, go on a monster hunt and can then upgrade the camps. In addition, the game has a solo mode in which you can embark on ten expeditions of varying difficulty.

Small but nice? The setup of the game. Image right: Amigo games

The names behind the game are impressive. Alexander Pfister is of course known for Mombasa, Isle of Skye, Great Western Trail and Maracaibo from last year. The game was also illustrated by greats in the industry. Dennis Lohausen was responsible for Terra Mystica, Arler Erde and Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, for example. Also taking part are Oliver Schlemmer (Kingdom Builders, Fresco) and Michael Menzel, who not only illustrated many games, but also published the game The Legends of Andor as the author.

Do you want to go on a monster hunt? The recommended retail price should be 24.90 euros. If you don't want to wait until the release, you can go to the Website from Amigo take a look at the instructions.

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