Gaming, streaming and music – for many users, all of this now takes place on their smartphones every day. Many modern end devices offer an image quality that is hardly inferior to large displays. Much more often - despite various cooperations with sound companies - there is a problem with the sound on the flat mobile devices, which hardly offer any space for loudspeakers and are only conditionally suitable as sound bodies anyway. Headphones are an alternative. The choice is large: wired, wireless, buds for hanging or plugging in, brackets, closed or open. The NuraTrue were available to us in the limited "Fool's Gold" edition.

Many a sound connoisseur has long since identified a favorite brand due to the constant use of headphones on smartphones. After all, there are now numerous manufacturers who are constantly vying for the attention of customers with new technologies. Nura still stands out among them: the combination of headphones and app-based adjustment to personal hearing is a unique selling point.

NuraTrue: Wireless Buds plus app

And now Nura has done it again: With the Nura True, the audio specialist has brought another product onto the market. The sound company celebrated its debut with a concept that was all the more innovative at the time, in which all kinds of technology were used to individually adapt the music and on-experience to the anatomy of the listener. It already worked with those Nura Nuraphones Over Ear Noise Canceling Headphones are already outstanding, even if it was essentially the luxury quality of the headphones and not the technology that ensured the enjoyment of the sound.

Nuratrue Review Headphones Wireless
The wireless headphones Nuratrue are also available in a limited special edition. Photo: Volkman

Because headband headphones offer a rich sound but are only suitable to a limited extent as a product to take away, Nura has long since developed and launched portable Bluetooth plugs. With a current product, you now want to top it off in two ways. The design of the Nura True in a special edition is quite obvious and rather a gimmick. The earplugs come in a golden yellow storage box, so they are much more eye-catching than their standard black version.

The fact is that the NuraTrue - True Wireless Earbuds are currently available in two versions: the plain black version and the one with the eye-catching Bos, which Nura calls the "NuraTrue Fool's Gold" edition. Where does the name come from? The manufacturer provides an explanation: The limited edition was designed together with the music label Fool's Gold by the DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdub, so it is aimed at fans of the music or the artists, but also at all those for whom the inconspicuous black plugs are too inconspicuous. Despite the yellow accents, the earplugs of the limited NuraTrue edition also look classy. Here it's all about the look and that's a matter of taste - technically, the two versions are on the same wavelength.

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By the way: the NuraTrue should not be confused with the NuraBuds - these are also true wireless headphones with active noise canceling, but the light version lacks the automatic, otoacoustic hearing test for a personalized sound experience. If you want to do without it, you can save around 100 euros - but the sound adjustment is the technological innovation that Nura now stands for in the field of headphones in the luxury segment.

Technical specifications:
  • Battery: Six hours of battery life, charging case up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 7,4 grams per earphone
  • Headphone dimensions: 25 x 25 x 22 mm
  • Dimensions of the charging box: 72 x 30 x 35 millimeters
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth QuickSwitch
  • Scope of delivery of the NuraTrue, 1x USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 1x charging case, three pairs of ear tips in different sizes and two pairs of detachable wing tips, one pair of foam ear tips

In terms of quality, there is little to complain about in the box. The plugs dock easily, hold firmly in their charging anchors and the lid also closes tightly - so you will hardly lose the Nura True. At best, one can criticize the plastic cover – the storage box is made of plastic and not of a more stable base material, such as aluminum, as is the case with the Epic GTW 270. However, this flaw also has positives: without headphones, the box is significantly lighter than metal housing, so it hardly weighs in your pocket. In any case, the charging performance does not affect the choice of material.

Headphones Nuratrue Review
Including the charging box, the battery life of the NuraTrue lasts for a total of 24 hours – the headphones manage six, and the box another 18. Photo: Volkman

However, the true wireless earbuds "Nura True" are not bargains. The wireless headphones cost around 230 euros, so you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. But you also get a lot on offer: Active Noise Cancelling, a social mode, the otoacoustic hearing test known from Nura products, including adjustment, and self-configurable touch buttons. In addition, there is the case and a charging cable from USB-A to USB-C (housing), three pairs of silicone earplugs in different sizes and an additional pair of ear hooks, which are equipped with a small "hook" - a wing. And: The additional foam plugs that are included also prove how much you have thought about the little things. With the latter and the silicone attachments, the headphones can be adjusted quite well to the personal anatomy of the ear. This is important, by the way, because in one of the first steps after pairing, the app checks whether the ear buds actually fit as part of the hearing test.

Otoacoustic Hearing Test: Really Better?

The app-controlled ear measurement, with which Nura attracted attention in its crowdfunding campaign for the debut model, is of course also part of the NuraTrue model. What sounds complicated is very simple - the headphones do the job together with the Nura app without much effort. If the plugs are adjusted and they sit well in the ears, the app measures the user's hearing. A graphic then reveals information about the individual hearing measurement, but listeners cannot do much with it. On the other hand, it should be noted that the visualizations sometimes differ significantly between individual users - something is actually happening. What exactly? That's the "magic" of Nura, you can't exactly understand it. Basically, however, it is about measuring otoacoustic emissions in order to create an image of the auditory canal through the reflected sound waves. The output sound then adapts to this.

Nuratrue Test True Wireless
In combination with the associated Nura app, the NuraTrue measure the ear canal using an otoacoustic method. Photo: Volkman

It's almost crazy: It really works. However, how big the wow effect is in the end is directly related to user behavior. Anyone who has used high-quality wireless ear buds before must listen carefully, as they can determine differences in bass and clarity in particular. If you switch from cheap headphones to a Nura model, you should be fascinated by the sound quality. To what extent the listening test improves the sound at the end is difficult to clarify, but differences are sometimes clearly audible, depending on the media output. You much more important question is: Is the sound quality right? The equally important answer: Yes!

Sound: A personal thing

The NuraTrue offer clear highs, rich bass and balanced mids - much more impressive, however, is the fact that the small true wireless ear buds with activated noise canceling almost sound like large headband headphones. The technical sound performance is enormous. And combining it with the ability to personalize at least some of the sound doesn't make things any worse. The bass can be adjusted from barely perceptible to booming, what Nura calls immersion and it's not just a bass boom, but is also intended to add something to the listening pleasure on a physical level. If you wish, you can also compare your personal sound profile with a standard one - the difference is huge. In any case, HiRes audio is no problem for the Nuratrue. The handsets support aptX, SBC and AAC codecs.

In any case, adjusting the bass pressure is relevant, because of course the sound neutrality suffers with increasing "immersion". Here the user must configure the options according to personal taste. Incidentally, the NuraTrue are not completely sound-neutral, here and there you can hear overemphasis, mostly in the mid-range. But: Soft bass and overall detailed mid and high tones ensure a great sound. The NuraTrue are fun and shine thanks to the ANC mode, especially in quiet surroundings - then you can immerse yourself in the world of sounds undisturbed and hide your surroundings. How good the sound quality is ultimately also depends on the formats played back: the earphones can do rock and pop excellently and classical music also sounds, albeit with a few drawbacks.

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The hearing profiles can be saved in the app - the visualized measurement results sometimes vary significantly. Photo: Volkman

And games? That's where the NuraTrue come into their own. Rarely has mobile gaming been so atmospheric in terms of sound. For gamers, Nura's wireless buds are a real alternative to the popular brands. The compact plugs bring the sound mix of games excellently to and into the ear.

Last but not least, this is due to the good fit. The NuraTrue are ultimately more comfortable than you might think at first sight. The stereo panorama sounds wonderful, regardless of whether it's mobile MMOs with sound-mix-mash or quiet point & click adventures from Daedalic's Edna series.

Nura does not make any mistakes with the trappings either: the NuraTrue are waterproof according to IPX4, can also be worn during sports, the charging time is pleasantly short at two hours for the true wireless headphones and around two and a half hours for the charging case - the listening time is all the longer: the buds last almost six hours, the manufacturer's specification fits here almost exactly. The charging case also supplies the NuraTrue with three additional maximum charges. This does not make the model the best in its class, but there is nothing to complain about here.

Conclusion on the test of the NuraTrue Wireless Buds

Nura's NuraTrue wireless in-ear headphones are hands down some of the best earbuds out there right now. In the end, this is due to the overall package of good equipment and workmanship, the extensive possibility of personalization and the sound technology of the compact in-ear plugs. Adjusting the earphones at the start may feel strange and the handling takes some getting used to at first - compared to Airpods, for example. But it's worth it: as soon as you hear the first tones, you're gripped by the listening experience, which is actually so much better than with many other models.

Yes, you have to like the style of the NuraTrue, with its outwardly disc-shaped end pieces - but that's not a lack of comfort. Technically, the plugs trump in every situation: when listening to music, when streaming films and also when gaming. The latter is particularly interesting because the selection of high-quality gaming earplugs is small. With the noise suppression switched on, you can immerse yourself in other worlds. The noise cancellation is not quite as pronounced as in the reference, the Bose QuietComfort, but this is largely compensated for by the adjustable immersion, the bass of which you can not only hear, but also feel in your chest.

When you take a break, you can easily suspend ANC with a button press and listen to your surroundings through the built-in microphones and turn down the volume at the same time. This "social mode" is ideal for having a short conversation without having to remove the plugs. In any case, the operation is simple and can even be configured according to your own wishes. You only have to make small compromises in the pure telephony quality, because the voice reproduction is sometimes too quiet for the other person.

The running time of a total of 24 hours including charging the box is completely sufficient in everyday use, even if it is not top class. The charging times are short at a maximum of around two and a half hours.

The NuraTrue excels, especially when it comes to sound quality. The wireless in-ear buds are thus convincing in the most important category - over their entire length. Detailed trebles, gentle basses and at least predominantly balanced mids are fun on the ears.

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