Pokémon Crimson and Crimson form the latest generation of the franchise and take fans to the far-flung Paldea region. Despite massive criticism from the players due to enormous technical bugs and sloppiness, the titles sell like hot cakes. Today, The Pokémon Company International, together with Nintendo, revealed interesting and previously unknown facts about the new legendary cover Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon on the official website.

The Fighting/Dragon-type Pokémon Koraidon is featured on the cover of Pokémon Crimson and weighs around 2,5 pounds at 303 feet tall. "Koraidon is aware of its enormous strength and behaves as if it fears no opponent. While wary of humans, it sometimes plays with them due to its moody and inquisitive nature. "Koraidon, in full form, can leap more than 20 meters into the air using its powerful legs. On the way down, it uses its speed and bodyweight to perform devastating kicks and body slams.”

Its ability, Orichalcum Pulse, generates "[...] Sunshine when it enters battle, and its attack is boosted when it's sunny." The Pokémon can also learn the new move Collision Course. "Collision Course is a physical Fighting-type attack that Koraidon can learn. It leaps high into the air, spinning while falling to the ground, causing a huge explosion on impact. If the attack is very effective, its strength increases even more."

Miraidon, on the other hand, only encounters players in Pokémon Crimson. The new legendary pocket monster is of the electric/dragon type, around 3,5 meters tall and weighs 240 kilograms. The website states: "Although Miraidon appears to be used to interacting with humans, it carefully examines the character of everyone it surrounds itself with. It has a calm and collected disposition. In battles, it anticipates its opponents' attacks and attacks their weak points. Miraidon's facial expressions hardly change and can only be recognized by the shape and color of his eyes. Presumably, its robotic nature makes it difficult to discern the subtleties of its emotions." In so-called Full Mode, the Pokémon levitates above the ground and "puts pressure on its opponents."

"Hadron Engine is Miraidon's ability and appears in Pokemon crimson and Pokemon Purple for the first time. With this, Miraidon generates an Electric Field when entering combat, and his Special Attack is boosted when an Electric Field is active.​"

"Breakfast is an Electric-type special move that Miraidon can learn. Miraidon dashes forward in a whirling, zigzag fashion like lightning, striking the target with a violent electric shock. If the attack is very effective, its power increases even more."

Source: Official website Pokémon Crimson and Crimson