With the science fiction film Tenet, director Christopher Nolan tried to release a blockbuster exclusively for the cinema in the pandemic year 2020. Unfortunately, he succeeded only moderately. Because even if the film grossed a respectable 350 million euros worldwide. It fell far short of the expectations of the Warner production studio. Tenet is currently available cheaply on Amazon Prime.

In Tenet, a CIA agent (John David Washington) tries to prevent World War III. However, the science fiction blockbuster is not about a nuclear threat. Rather, it is a declaration of war from the future. Their middleman, the Russian arms dealer Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) is. With his new partner Neil (Robert Patinson), the protagonist repeatedly encounters objects from the future that move backwards in time - the so-called inversion. Together the two try to gain access to Sator and prevent the war of the times. One possibility seems to be Sator's wife Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) ...

Even if Tenet was unable to meet the expectations of the production studio due to the corona pandemic. Is the film a good science fiction thriller? Which, like most of Nolan's films, is characterized by an exciting story arc and does not shy away from complex topics. The director has already proven himself in the past with films Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014). That he is able to create interesting and visually stunning films from complex facts.

Everyone who missed the film in the cinema or wants to see it again. Tenet can now be borrowed for € 1,98 on Amazon Prime. The film can then be viewed for 30 days. After the first play, you have 48 hours to finish watching the film. It is currently not known how long the offer is valid. However, it is reasonable to assume that it will not be available long after Easter. Therefore, everyone who still wants to see the film should strike quickly.

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