Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc, and developer Petroglyph (Command & Conquer: Remastered, Star Wars: Empire at War) announced that the upcoming WWII RTS The Great War: Western Front will launch on March 30th on the PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Additionally, players who pre-order the game will be able to enter the battlefield and lead their troops three days early, starting March 27th.

The game offers a mix of exciting turn-based strategy and real-time strategy in one of the most important theaters of the First World War. Players take direct control of either the Allies or the Central Powers and attempt to relive or redefine history. In the tactical real-time experience you play the decisive role in the story and take command on the legendary western front from 1914 to 1919. 


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Ahead of the game's release, players are invited to take command of the front lines for the first time during Steam Next Fest, which begins on February 6th. Commanders will guide the allied forces through a section of the game's tutorial and campaign before leading them into a historic battle - the Battle of Passchendaele - which provides the perfect opportunity to test their tactics.

Players can also enhance their gaming experience with the Victory Edition. A detailed digital field guide provides additional information about the war, while five stunning digital wallpapers showcase a selection of the game's hand-drawn concept art and motifs. In addition, the award-winning composer Frank Klepacki accompanies moments of epic conflict, solemn triumph and quiet reflection away from the battlefields with his atmospheric original soundtrack.

In The Great War: Western Front, players take charge and try to lead their faction to victory in one of the world's most important conflicts. In the position of a dual role commander, you will take control of the western front. You'll alternate between the turn-based grand strategy role of the theater commander and the RTS controls of the field commander. The choices they make in both roles have repercussions that can affect the course of the conflict or even change its outcome.

Players must make difficult decisions and weigh the consequences of their decisions as a commander and directly on the battlefield, be it the impact on the faction's national will or on the soldiers in the trenches. Before the battle begins, commanders will dig permanent trenches to chart their strategy, infiltrate enemy positions or order heavy bombardments on key targets, leaving scars on the landscape that will be left upon their return.

In addition to a compelling campaign that recreates combat on the Western Front, players will experience a selection of key World War I events in the Historical Battles mode, drawn from the extensive archives of the Imperial War Museum. Those who want to reshape the story can create their own battlefield scenarios in skirmish mode or compete with other commanders in multiplayer mode.

The Great War: Western Front will be available on March 30th for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store at a suggested retail price of €34,99 and €39,99 for the Victory Edition. Players who pre-order either edition will be able to start making their battle plans three days early, starting March 27th.

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